How Can You Integrate HR Technology to Enhance Remote Hiring?

As an industry, HR is prone to various transformations and evolutions. It never stays the same. Otherwise, human resources wouldn’t be able to respond to the ever-changing needs of businesses, job seekers, and stakeholders. 

But last year was a change that the world didn’t expect and most companies weren’t ready. The global shift to work from home was also an underlying invitation to higher investments in technology.

Executives and HR professionals needed platforms, tools, and assets that could make connecting despite the geographical distance possible. It is no wonder that there is a ten billion USD global demand for HR software. 

Companies are recognizing the paramount importance of advanced tech solutions for daily operations, objectives, and recruitment. However, HR technology is essential for remote hiring. 

Attracting, recruiting, and retaining top talents in 2021 requires stellar strategies, modern solutions, and multifunctional platforms. That way, recruiters can reach candidates regardless of their physical location, conduct virtual interviews, and onboard employees with ease. 

Hence, HR technology is not about the bottom line only. It is why 57 percent of those using AI in human resources improve their employee experience. 

If you are still not convinced that advanced tech can help you improve your remote hiring, these reasons will convince you why you must consider it..

How HR technology enhances your remote hiring?

Cloud-based technology improves productivity

Although many countries managed to keep the COVID-19 pandemic under control, we are still far away from over. Thus, the world will struggle with the aftermath for a long time. On the other hand, some changes will stay. 

One of those transformations is remote work. Most employees would like to continue work from home even after the pandemic is over, at least some time of the week. It is why companies need adequate tech solutions to support telework, and an increasing number of business leaders are finding solace in cloud-based technology. 

These systems can boost productivity and enhance performance. Thus, HR professionals receive all-encompassing insights than those organizations that use on-premise platforms. However, the fact that cloud-based tech improves remote hiring is not the only reason to leverage it. 

Thanks to this technology, you can integrate tech solutions one with another with ease. Everyone can use these systems because there is no need for perplexing knowledge. Cloud integration allows you to connect various applications and platforms to receive real-time insights that you can access from multiple devices. 

In return, a cloud-based tech will provide you with data security, compliance, business efficiency, employee satisfaction, and enhanced remote hiring.

Advanced tech solutions increase diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are among the essential components of a healthy recruitment process and human-centric workplace. It is also a pressing societal issue that requires global attention. However, HR professionals have the power and responsibility to foster these values and ensure no one is left out, neglected, or bullied.

Because of that, recruitment needs a fair approach based on meritocracy. Hence, recruiters should analyze each resume objectively, without prejudices, favoritism, and stereotypes. Yet, humans are prone to unconscious bias that is nearly impossible to eradicate. 

HR technology ensures an unbiased evaluation of each job application and resume. It uses intelligent algorithms to extract the necessary information based on requirements. But AI relies on verified skills, experience, and education only.

Strategically personalize virtual onboarding

Remote onboarding is challenging and requires providing prospective employees with a seamless experience to compensate for the lack of physical presence and connection. It is where HR technology comes in useful. 

Recruiters and hiring managers can use pre-recruitment assessments to comprehend worker's motivation, objectives, fears, strengths, and weaknesses. Thanks to that, they can personalize the onboarding process and align it with the hire's needs. 

HR technology helps remote hiring be more customizable, accurate, and in-depth. In the long run, that increases employee satisfaction and retention. 

HR technology may enhance internal recruitment

The COVID-19 pandemic has made recruitment more demanding. It is challenging to reach highly compatible candidates and incite their interest. On the other side, there might be an influx of under qualified job applicants looking for a secure job.

It is why many companies are turning to internal recruitment and employee re-skilling. HR technology allows recruiters to track the skills, experience, and aspirations of their employees. Thanks to that, it could be smoother to identify an individual who is an ideal match for an available vacancy.

Thus, intelligent algorithms can help hiring managers keep a record of employees who are open to the idea of remote work, upskilling, and job role-change. These real-time insights allow a smoother transit to another department, position, or location.

Moreover, hiring managers can use HR technology to identify how to nurture employee development and improve overall talent supply. 

The pandemic has made remote hiring a challenging undertaking that leaves no place for mistakes. Even though that is a tad intimidating, it can also trigger positive overhauls, transformations, and investments.

HR technology is one of these beneficial possibilities. It allows more accurate results, initiatives, and procedures. Ultimately, advanced tech improves employee experience and, in the process, increases retention. 

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