How Facebook Videos Could Help You Attract Big Talent

It's no secret that with more people engaged than ever on Facebook, businesses are turning to that avenue to bring in more customers and get their products out there. But now businesses of all sizes are starting to look at Facebook as a way to bring in skilled employees to their workforce.

This isn't necessarily a "cut and dry" trend that's going on because different people will consume social media recruitment marketing in different ways, and going directly to the recruitment target doesn't just happen as simply as that. But there are more experts talking about how using Facebook videos could help you attract big talent.

Facebook Talent Marketing Has Been Proven To Work

There actually have been real cases where companies have used simple Facebook ads to talk about their company culture and what it's like to join the team. In fact, WordStream tells the story of how they found a young man who came to their company who just simply saw a Facebook ad. The article explains how the ad basically took a post about things that were involved in the company and explained how they were hiring to their team. It also mentions the targeting strategy and the relevance score, and it all came from using simple Facebook posts that were then rolled into an ad. But when you have responses like that, you can only imagine just how much more videos can work.

Facebook Has Become A Major Branding Platform

While having an official Facebook page doesn't substitute for for an official website, it is where a great deal of social media branding for businesses takes place according to Enviable Workplace. Video marketing and recruiting go hand-in-hand with branding as well as having a place to host your short videos. Not to mention Facebook seems to give special attention in its trends to posts that have videos in them, and the experts at Better Team explain why you really should use it as part of your branding efforts.

The biggest part of video is that it is one of your biggest windows to speak directly to your target audience outside of an in-person address and one of the best ways to do this is with a premium video captioning services,and you could even use it to invite them to a company event such as a fair or networking time.

Professional Facebook Videos Are Getting Easier To Produce

When you're ready to take that step to reach your talent through Facebook videos, you might be worried first and foremost about the cost for hiring a professional production team, graphics design, sound effects and all the other planning and equipment that go into video creation.

While there will always be a need to invest in equipment that gives your Facebook videos professional quality, being able to produce them is becoming easier thanks to software that's out there as B2C talks about here. As the article explains, there is no getting around the planning and the scripting because after all, you do want to put a good effort into shooting video that your recruiting audience finds interesting. But they list how certain editing software can turn even simple raw footage into a more professional-looking production.

Making Your Recruiting Video Engaging

In part overlapping with our earlier point about targeting strategy in advertising, Social Media Examiner explains a little more about how videos should be used through Facebook's audience insight tool in their ads program. Much of the same principles apply to your recruiting videos and making sure the message is relevant. If you're looking to recruit just in general for the company, your Facebook videos will have a more general message with more general targeting.

If you're going to do recruiting that's department or field specific, you'll set the message and filters specifically. However it's good to keep your message as short and to the point as possible, especially because this will lead to more inquiries and even more potential to tap into the talent pool.

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Comment by Keith D. Halperin on September 23, 2017 at 11:48am


1) As my 20-year-old daughter says: "Facebook is for old people."

2) Do we really want to put an effort going after people naive, foolish, or desperate enough to believe what they see in a corpaganda video?

3)  You could be much more effective in recruiting by spending a fraction of the money you'd spend on this by directly and actively sourcing the people you want instead.


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