The Pros and Cons of Automating Your HR Processes

Currently, a lot of human resources departments are automating their HR processes. This has brought about mixed fortunes in that there are both advantages and disadvantages associated with streamlining the HR processes via information and management systems. If you are considering automating your HR processes, you should take time and reflect on the various pros and cons associated with it before reaching a decision. Here are some of the pros and cons that you should weigh before automating your HR processes.


Reduced Paperwork

A lot of documents need to be filled in the human resource department, which requires a lot of papers. Automating HR processes greatly reduces the paperwork involved leading to low costs of buying printing papers. All employee details are captured in the system and stored in the form of digital data in the company's database. 

Faster Updates 

An automated HR system makes it easier to update employee details. It saves the company a lot of valuable time as the database administrator only needs to input the relevant information and it will be updated automatically. A terminated employee will have his details expunged fast from the database. This saves a lot of time and reduces the chances of errors cropping up later by a huge margin. 

Keeping Track of Employee Performance

An integrated HR system makes it easier to compare the performance of individual employees and track their improvement. The system makes it easier to plan for various employee programs like training and orientation. An analysis of this data can lead to picking up fresh employment approaches, employee appreciation and recognition ideas and recruitment practices.

Faster Recruitment

Automated recruitment has been made possible through the automation of HR processes, which comes with an Application Tracking Software (ATS). After the company advertises a vacancy on the internet, the applicants are able to send their resumes at the click of a button. This greatly reduces the number of applicants to any job advertisement. The ATS technology helps the HR team in sifting through the applications by matching a number of keywords in the applicant's' resume or cover letters to match pre-determined criteria. This greatly relieves the HR team a huge workload burden of manually sifting through the applications.


Privacy Breach

A major disadvantage of automating HR processes is the increased risk of privacy breaches. There are so many laws and measures that are aimed at protecting the privacy of employees in a company's database. However, if the database is accessed by a third-party or hackers, it could badly expose your employees' private details. Using a password alone does not guarantee the safety of their data as technically savvy individuals can bypass it easily. The database should be fortified both internally and externally to safeguard the data.

Down Time

Computers and software systems are susceptible to technical difficulties some of which are inevitable resulting in a down time. A down time can bring about dire consequences as it can bring your business to a halt. When rolling out a program that requires access to the employee database, a down time could delay or prolong such an exercise.

Wrong Employee Assessment 

Automated HR processes can be great and effective when it comes to employee assessment. The automated system relies on different types of information like performance scores, talents and skills. However, this automation removes the human factor from the assessment. An automated system might capture high scores in marketing efforts, sales and new accounts but fail to capture the tendency of an employee treating customers in disapproving ways.

Final Words 

The pros of automating HR processes outweigh the cons. However, you should seek the opinion of an expert in the field before making a final decision. You should find out whether the automation process would be appropriate for your company.


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