Artificial Intelligence is a buzzword for quite some time in the HR industry. The advent of AI is simplifying the process of hiring candidates. In the last few years, many recruitment software have shown their capability to reduce recruitment cost and time.

Over a period of time, the HR industry is witnessing several significant developments which bring changes in the whole system. One such remarkable development is Chatbots. HR professionals are using AI to enhance HR services, boost their productivity, and provide a personalized experience for candidates.

“One of the most visible applications of AI are conversational agen...

Imagine what would happen if the productivity of your employees increases with the knowledgeable and personal assistant without any resource cost!

With the adoption of Chatbots, it is no longer fiction; it is a living reality.

Let’s check out various ways of how HR Chatbots are improving the efficiency of the hiring process.

  1. Positive Candidate Experience: Recruiters are working continuously to reduce the hiring time. As ‘n’ number of tasks are lined up; it is difficult for recruiters to keep the candidates engaged - this is where chatbots come to their rescue. But how can chatbots improve their functionality? While using an ATS, a resume parser plays a significant role in extracting information. It fetches the details from resumes into various data fields. The organization can build smarter resumes, which helps chatbots to ask contextual questions in interviews. As a result, the candidate experience improves. Chatbot interacts with candidates in a very human-like chit-chat dialogue, helping recruiters to save time.
  2. Constant Communication: Chatbots provide an excellent user experience to the candidate by responding to direct queries. A recruiter gets thousands of queries from candidates. It is impractical to respond to each query manually. Here, chatbots take charge by resolving multiple questions simultaneously.
  3. Streamlining the Onboarding Process: AI-powered chatbots are set to transform different aspects of the HR process. HR teams can use a chatbot to streamline the onboarding process. During the onboarding of new employees, HR personnel needs to collect the necessary information. It would be time-consuming. Chatbots can be used to provide new hires with the documents directly through a common communication application. Once a new employee is in the swing of things, HR chatbots can reach them via team communication app. They also work with HR training software and provide learning resources to the employees. Employees can also get access to knowledge retention through quizzes.
  4. Employee Engagement Program: Imagine what if a chatbot understands the gaps in your knowledge based on your profile and pushes the relevant solution to help in closing those gaps!

Every employer would like to engage their employees with business to improve productivity. But lack of proper strategies and undefined approach results in miscommunication among employees. However, employers are confident enough about implementing a chatbot for taking their employee engagement to the next level. Chatbots is a crucial concept of two-way communication. They not only provide answers but can also ask questions regarding employee experience, expectations, and work review. Bots will replace the old traditional norms for taking feedback and remove communication gaps. They evaluate, measure, and understand employee sentiments accurately with natural language processing and training.

  1. Learning and Development: Learning and development play an essential role in ensuring that the business stays ahead of the competition. Chatbots make learning fun and simple by breaking down videos, tutorials into small bites. These are followed by pop-up multiple-choice questions for the evaluation of what employees have gathered from this learning module. You can also send updates to the team via bot. This may include information about an upcoming learning module and may even suggest areas to improve.

Chatbots have created ripples in the HR industry. It is a fact that more intelligent HR solutions are designed when technology is combined with human efforts. With the high potential of engaging the candidates and managing the task of taking them through the final process, HR chatbots are now the latest trend in the recruiting industry.


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