How to be Super-Productive at Your Workplace?

There will be hardly any working professional who doesn’t want to be super-productive and super-efficient at work. But there are very few who attain these two qualities in reality. What is the set of traits that separates these successful people from the crowd they are in? 

In this article, you will see five of the most important habits of highly productive people which sets them apart from the rest. You can also try adopting these habits in your daily lifestyle to achieve the same level of performance as well. So let us begin

  • Focus on Important Tasks First

Whenever you are working, you might have noticed you always give your best shot on the very first task you are doing. So, it becomes essential that you prioritize all your tasks and set the most important ones on top of your list. 

If you can hit the major tasks early, it will not only help in making huge strides in your goal but also frees you from great stress and anxiety. Most people panic when they tackle their main tasks at the end of the day, which only creates more and more frustration. 

  • Do Your Job Even If You Feel Like It or Not

This is one of the huge traits of those people who are highly productive no matter whatever circumstances are in front of them. Most people don’t begin their work until they feel like doing it. This is a kind of mental slavery as our mind has a tactical advantage over us and it always takes the past of least resistance. 

So, the best way of controlling your mind is to start doing those important things even if you hate to do them. You might feel a lot of resistance from within but you should proceed with your tasks. If you can master the art of doing those things you hate, nothing can stop you from being highly efficient and productive. 

  • Take Breaks

You might be thinking what do “Breaks” have to do with productivity at work? But it is true that taking breaks can be beneficial for you and your work as well. Let us see how  

You should know that the attention period of a person drops significantly when he or she is made to do work for a very long time. So even if the person is working, the output may not be that great as it should have been ideally. Therefore, it becomes essential that you impose breaks at certain intervals when you have huge tasks lined up in front of you. 

Also, as most of us are working continuously on gadgets like smartphones and laptops, a break helps us significantly to give rest to our eyes. 

  • Avoid Multitasking

If you are having to believe that multitasking is a good way for boosting productivity, then you may be wrong by a mile. In fact, the habit of multitasking is considered one of the biggest productivity killers out there. 

The reason for this is because, firstly, Multitaskers feel more distracted than those people who have their focus and concentration on one specific task. This makes sense, as juggling between 2-3 tasks effectively drains the capacity of a person to do more work. Moreover, we tend to slow down a lot if we are dealing with multiple tasks at the same time.

The best way to break your multitasking habit is to use the “20 Minute Rule”, where you fully devote your attention to one “specific task” for a full 20 minutes, without getting distracted. 

  • Take Care of Your Health

Last but not the least, you can’t expect yourself to be at your peak productivity if you are not caring about your health. Taking due care of both physical and mental health is essential to maintain excellent productivity as well as efficiency at work. 

Owing to the stress in life, whether it is personal or professional, people resort to various unhealthy habits which are ravaging their health. Smoking is one such habit that takes a toll on a person’s health if the individual is addicted to it for a long time. 

Not to forget, the chief constituent of tobacco consists of over 3000 harmful chemicals which have the potential to damage every organ of the human body. Hence, one needs to find ways that help in quitting this addiction at the earliest. 

One can try vaping as an alternative to traditional cigarettes, as the former includes a gadget called an e-cigarette, that completely avoids the usage of tobacco. An e-cigarette mimics a standard cigarette and it also allows the user to try various e-liquid flavors as well.


If you can follow these five simple steps from now onwards, you can be assured of achieving the peak level of productivity and efficiency you always desired for. The best thing is that you don’t need any cognitive skills to implement these habits into your lifestyle. All it takes is non-cognitive skills like focus, hard work, self-discipline, and a strong will to succeed in life.

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