“Millennials=Serial Job hoppers”. Really? Not at all, in fact they are challengers.

A study says, six in 10 millennials are open to new job opportunities.

Another says, 78% of the millennials believe that innovation is essential for bus....

Considering both the statements, it’s simple to comprehend:

“Millennials --- innovative people “

And “after being unable to find opportunities to utilize their full potential--- hop jobs.”

These creative people who have continued to mark an innovative era, may have their head in the clouds. But is it not imperative for things to change, for the people who have made unimaginable things actually exist and strive today?

Gig economy is a much-hyped word today. Freelance and project based work is without doubt, disturbing most of the employers today. And yes, it should. But what do we exactly expect our employees to do?

Sit from 9 to 6?

Well, NO!!

What we need is productivity.

But again, without thrusting their loyalty towards the organization it is impossible to channelize the energy of Millennials “looking to try something new every day”.

And loyalty can be only reinforced when employees are increasing associated with the organization they work for. And they feel increasing associated with the organization only when they “meet fellow employees, work in teams, add value to the organization’s targets” and frankly to achieve all this, they “need to come to work”.

The discourse on “How to make Millennials come to work?” goes on.

Perhaps, something might have slipped your attention.

What has laid the foundation for this economy to grow and change at the speed of a galloping horse?


Let’s Ponder over and self-question ourselves:

  • Will the technology-induced time and people walk their footsteps back?
  • And do we want it to turn back?
  • And more than that “Can we do without it?”

Again NO!

  • We wouldn’t have been gifted with this wonderful revolutionizing power and reach to this extent if there was a day when we would lose this potential. Continuing forward making unimaginable discoveries, we are no way turning back.
  • And anytime we want it to multiply, expand.
  • And surely, we cannot do without it.

What’s the solution to habituate to the changes technology has embarked? How to find a solution to the unpredictable emerging technologies and the changes its causing to the general human nature?

The answer: It’s just Technology that beats technology.

‘Monotonous, Manual, Time consuming, Error prone, Burdensome’ are words any employee detests. The Purpose and Technology driven generation craves for loving what they do.

So, don’t they need to, LOVE THE WAY THEY DO IT?

Make a move: Find, invest and integrate the right technology and that’s the way they’d love to do it. And, they’ll be there entering offices with cheerful, motivated, contented faces.

With this vision, we’ve endeavored to make Recruiting easy for the Millennial generation. Rchilli, the technological leader for CV/Resume Automation ensures that hiring staff doesn’t waste time and efforts manually processing out resumes that takes the innovative energy out of them, which could rather be employed to bring forward an array of dazzling ideas soaring higher than ever before.

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