HR Certification – Your Gateway to Success

There is a dramatic rise in the demand for HR professionals who are not only well-versed with the latest tools and technology but are also certified. Yes, as the recruiters and hiring managers have realized the importance and benefits of certifications in human resources, the demand is rising.

So if you are seeking a career in human resources or if you are eyeing that promotion in your organization, then HR certification is the path to take.  However, there is a catch to it. Choosing the right or best certification in HR could prove difficult, if you don’t know what are the features of a good or best HR certifications.

So here are some of the features of a good HR certifications that you should keep in mind before applying for any certification.

  1. A good certification should enhance your employability factor i.e. it should make you more desirable as a prospective candidate
  2. It should coach you about all the latest tools and practices of the industry
  3. It should train you on the latest technologies and prepare you for the real-time challenges of the corporate world.
  4. It should also let you set your own pace with the certification program so that if you are working you don’t have to take a break to take the certifications.

Based on the above features you could select from the certification bodies like Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI), Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), Talent Management Institute (TMI). Each of these certification bodies offer programs depending on your skills, qualifications and experience.

Yes, experience! Apart from HR certification that are specifically designed for the beginners or the entry level candidates, the rest all the other certification programs come with certain prerequisites.

Once you have successfully completed these certification programs, there are tremendous job opportunities opening for certified professionals.

The certified HR professionals are high in demand because the certification program ensures that you are well-versed in all the latest tools and technologies in the HR industry. Also HR professionals who are certified as well,  inspire confidence in recruiters and hiring managers. How? Well here’ how –

  1. Certified professionals are considered to be dedicated to their profession as they are constantly seeking knowledge and upgrading their skills.
  2. HR professionals with certifications are in demand because they would know how to deal with the real time workplace challenges like recruiting, hiring new talent and retaining the existing top talent.
  3. With certification from institute like Talent Management Institute you gain certifications in talent management. A much in demand skill in the current HR industry.
  4. As a certified professional you would be able to recognize the problems beforehand and provide solutions before they escalate.

Why Certified HR Professionals Are in Demand?

If you are still asking that question, then here’s how. But before you continue reading that, here are some facts –

  1. As a certified HR professional you would gain confidence in yourself while seeking a job or a promotion
  2. With certification on your resume you demonstrate your skills and qualifications in a better way that inspires confidence in the hiring managers.

Now read on why certified professionals are much in demand. And yes, if you want to become a successful HR professional then HR certification is your best bet.

As recruiters around the world have understood the importance of HR certifications, there is a huge respect and demand for certified HR professional who are time and again proving their worth.

With certification on your portfolio you would be able to demand a good salary package, because you would know their worth. You would also that in this rapidly changing world of technology how important it is to keep  your knowledge updated.

Certified HR professionals command more respect from their peers and co-workers as compared to their non-certified ones.



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