HR Technology-From Evolution to Revolution

The digital revolution in technology is changing the traditional HR policies. The Human Resource industry is evolving at a high pace with new innovative technologies. The HR department is increasingly moving away from traditional practices and adopting new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence.

AI automates and streamlines the recruitment process, right from hiring, onboarding, training, and other benefits. Technology acts as a gamechanger in enhancing the role of HR worldwide, from being an administrative department to its increasing functions as a strategic partner in business.

What is HR Technology?

HR technology is the way to assist the recruitment process with the help of software and online tools. The main focus of technology is to automate the process, which includes sourcing, recruiting, and retaining candidates. This practice will eliminate manual processing and bring automation in place.

HR Technology is currently gaining momentum and discarding traditional trends. Let me show you what has improved with the new HR Tech trends in place.

1. Rise of Automation:

When it comes to the concept of automation, people generally speak optimistically. Talent acquisition is a crucial area in which you can monitor intelligently with new technologies.

There are a plethora of recruitment analytics solutions available to speed up the recruitment process. With the resume parsing software, it has become easy for recruiters to screen the candidates. Thus, technology is rescuing recruiters by cutting down the tedious, lengthy, and difficult task by sorting out the resumes.

Semantic match provides a similar recommendation of resume/job. With a few clicks, what you get is matching resumes having the same skill. What more! You can also enrich candidate information at the enrichment marketplace. Use as many apps as you want at one platform and get updated information.

Talking about the future of HR Technology, another new concept of video interviewing is gaining popularity. This concept helps recruiters in judging a candidate when a face-to-face interview is not possible. Chatbots are enhancing candidate experience by providing prompt replies to candidates’ queries.

2. Virtual Reality:

VR is one of the fascinating innovations of technology till date. Many people associate Virtual Reality with the gaming community, but this application works in multiple ways. The first area where VR can help an organization is in recruitment. It allows candidates to see their role in the organization and experience the working environment in the office. VR also has the power to transform employee onboarding. It can help you to convert the tedious onboarding process into an engaging one.

3.Talent Management:

TM is one of those challenging Human Resource functions, which keeps on changing with new and innovative ideas.

HR technology is helping the talent management department while conducting performance reviews. The traditional analysis of performance is now entirely replaced by the dynamic goal setting, production, check-ins, and feedbacks with a Talent Management software. This brings a remarkable change in the functions of the HR department and makes them seamless, more productive, and efficient.

Data analytics is another powerful tool that helps you in evaluating employees’ performance. Taking feedback from employees and making the work culture aligned with employees’ wants gives a boost to their productivity.

4. Learning and Development:

Over the past years, the global workforce is continuously evolving because of the number of factors. Acquiring new skills is the need of the hour. Organizations ensure that their employees keep on learning to increase their productivity. AI is giving a push to learning and development. It can make corporate training more productive with the help of video conferencing. HR professionals can also provide online trainings through tools like Zoom, GotoMeeting, etc. With the help of immediate response systems, mentors can provide quick feedback to the employees. Overall, technology is taking learning and development to the next level.

Humans are always using technology to extend their physical and mental reach. But now, technology is heading to a state where information converts into problem-solving machines. In the upcoming year, technology will bring more innovations to make the HR team more productive.



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