A short life

Third party recruiters don't last long. I have hired and trained enough people to know what I am up against when hiring a new recruiter. One out of 10 new recruiters will make it past one year. Many don't pass the 90 day mark. 

It's a tough business. The recruiter is lied to by everyone, strung along by both client and candidate, and pressured to produce by his employer. On top of that, it is a 24/7 job. 

Recruiter Turnover

Recruiter turnover is inevitable for a variety of reasons. The hot shots burn out quickly, the weak people weed out quickly. Good recruiters move on in their careers. The rest are trainees, they almost make it. I know a lot of them. I was often sorry to see a recruiter leave. Its just the nature of the business. 

Now the issue

I hang my head in shame to confess that I have talked to over ten highly qualified people. Why can't I hire? I've hired lots of recruiters. This job is a little different. My requirements reflected what I thought was necessary. 

I started interviewing. You would think that after talking to great people who have survived in this business one way or another, I could make up my mind. 

So, I sat myself down and asked myself:   Why can't you make a decision? What was lacking? Was the candidate qualified, was the candidate personable? Yes yes yes yes. 

Turned it Around 

I decided to make a list of all the qualities that I wouldn't want to see in a candidate. Forget my needs list, what about looking at the inverse? Was my ideal hire hiding in a requirement that didn't make sense?

Job Hopping was the top of the list. 

My reasoning was simple. I didn't want to work with someone who wouldn't be around for long. This person would be working directly with me. I want a long term dance, not a quick relationship.  

Flawed Assignment

So, Barb talked to Barb, and took her through the search assignment discovery process.  I asked myself all the questions,I filled out the form Then,I compared my requirements to the reality of the profession. I finally get it. I was trying to fill an unfillable assignment.  

I've had clients who did the same thing.  I see those jobs every day. Recruiters all bump up against jobs that can't be filled.  It is such a long difficult lesson to learn which assignments to take and which to turn down. Is it possible to find a millineal with twenty years experience, 10 of which are in management?  

Of course, I advise my client to the reality of the market. Usually, nothing changes. Just like I did at first, they don't get it. The job goes unfilled. Time marches on. 

I've learned my lesson. Don't take an assignment that can't be filled. Even if you are the client.  

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