“I know someone who’s looking for a job” says a friend of a jobseeker.
“I can’t use them” replies the headhunter.

I was listening to this conversation between 2 people on the train ride in to work recently.

“Most of the unemployed are unemployable. They’re not technologically current, and they look deplorable” the conversation continued.

I didn’t throw my 2 cents in to this conversation, because if I had – I would have been arrested for creating a disturbance.

Alas, it is sad, but it is true to an extent. People such as myself who are working (barely) listen to this, and feel helpless in trying to do something. I sincerely hope those who are unemployed are reading this, and are taking it to heart.

Maybe you are not doing everything you can to try to find a job. I’m sure you are on all the job boards, and calling all the recruiters. But don’t expect to land a job just based on your resume alone – no matter how good it looks. What about your technological skills? Are you up to date on the latest versions of MS software? And what about how you look? I know it’s hard to look good when you don’t feel good inside. I’ve been there. I hope you’re not waiting until you get a job to improve in those areas. You can make improvements while you’re looking for work. Maybe buy that new suit. Get that new computer. Belong to a gym. These don’t have to be costly items. It is worth the investment. You will feel better. You will look better. And other people (hiring managers) will take notice. Prove that headhunter wrong!

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Comment by Karen Swim on October 28, 2010 at 4:57pm
Sadly, this is true of some of those unemployed. The clients I work with that are up to date on skills, savvy in their approach and who actively pursue their next opportunity find work quickly and easily. The "job seekers" not so much. Outdated skills is just a symptom of a deeper issue - complacency. People who hung on in a job and never took active control of their own career are not faring well in this market. It is heartbreaking but up to each person to face the hard truth, and then own making the change.


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