I had a craving this morning. No, I've far passed the age of pickles and ice cream but not beyond a craving now and then. For some unknown reason, I wanted baked beans and pink lemonade. For breakfast. Now maybe this craving had more to do with the status of my empty cupboards than mindfully choosing those items.  My first thought was “I can’t eat that for breakfast”.  Well, why not.  It’s time to step out of the comfort zone.

Now dollars to donuts (I’m still hungry), you think I ate the beans and drank the pink lemonade and screamed “these aren't just for dinner anymore!”  But I didn't and now realize the beans and lemonade had more to do with my barren cabinets than any epicurean discovery.

My point is that although this craving did not amount to a hill of beans (pun intended), the fact that I stepped out of my comfort zone rather than racing to the closest restaurant says something. If you cannot think outside the box for any reason other than dire circumstances (and food is one of those), then at least go outside of your norm where the creative juices can flow (and by the way, I’m thirsty too).

The world of Information Technology is all that and a bag of chips (I must go shopping soon). It is all based on creative thinking, different ways of doing the same thing, fixing a recurring problem with a new idea, a new model. The very basis of IT is in moving forward – many times at warped speed.  And we all must do our best to keep up.

Any company can be successful by staying ahead of the game, anticipate how it will play out. Read and research not only what is happening in the industry now – but where it is headed in the future. At the speed at which IT moves, what may be said today “no way can that be done” and the IT experts already have the patent pending. They live outside of their comfort zone – IT people are the quintessential out of box thinkers. They are the very epitome of successful minds, successful doers.

Do you think one day they can create a way for a satellite to hover over my house, scan my empty cupboards and summon up an all-night delivery service so I have more than beans and lemonade to choose for breakfast?

They probably have a patent pending on that too.


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