What do Motorcycles and IT have in Common?

They are very loud some literally others figuratively. Many are driven by ego or a lack of attention early in life and yearn now for that recognition. The mechanics of both may be complicated and only those dedicated to the early struggle, can appreciate the current boldness and the excitement of what the future may bring to the table.

I have never owned a Harley and think I’ve only ridden on a motorcycle once.  When growing up my parents would have never given permission to ride, but if I did so be it. The only consequence would have been never living under my parents' roof again. Ah, the price of rebellion.

So you now understand my lack of motorcycle knowledge or experience. But I am a baby boomer and grew up on the cusp of the technology era. The age when Programmers and Developers suffered being known as “nerds” . And boy has that directional signal changed.

Today, IT and the careers launched have won the day. The very complex nature of this industry is baffling to most but nevertheless commands the respect it so richly deserves. No one remains untouched by IT in almost every aspect of of life, and we are know we can never live without it.  I can however, live without the sound barrier breaking noise of the motorcycle. In my humble opinion (and one who has succumbed to the use of hearing aids at an early age), we need to pay as much attention to noise as we do to environmental pollution.  And that is straight from the nearly-deaf girl’s mouth to your ears.

I know I cannot live with IT.  I see first-hand how many Software Engineers, Java, Oracle, Web Developers, IT Analysts, Quality Engineers, etc., are needed across the country. My fear is in a few years we will be at a fever pitch looking for some of the IT specialties that even today are on recruiter’s lists. I feel as many of you that IT is a runaway train. The average consumer like me cannot possibly keep up – and companies across the U.S. are feeling it too.

That puts IT in an elite status and it will only grow more in demand with each passing day. I don’t have the answers, I’m not sure anyone does because the answer may be relevant today and irrelevant tomorrow.  But there is one thing that can help as it always does. Education and training for the new-comers and increasing the skill level of those with experience.

And while you’re at it, can you do something about those noisy motorcycles?


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