Impact of Generative AI on the Growth of HR Professionals

Technology and Innovation mingle to bring advancement in every field. AI is one of the best examples of this combination. The concept of AI is not clear to everyone; as a result, people start believing that technology will replace employees.  The Human Resource Department is the best example of how technology is aiding HR professionals in a new era of the Digital World.

In simple words, the role and responsibility of HR is to recruit fresher and more experienced candidates for companies. But, do you imagine how effective is a recruitment process when powerful generative AI tools automate the process? The concept of AI is integrated to make work easier and better for both employees as well as job seekers.

As per the latest trend, HR professionals use generative AI to complete their routine and repetitive work and utilize their free time to nurture human-to-human skills and tackle high-value tasks.

 AI and the Latest Recruitment Procedures

AI is revolutionizing the HR department. According to Statista “The AI market is growing at a rate of approximately 40 % each year and is expected to be worth $1 trillion in the U.S. alone by 2028”.

According to Gartner, 76% of HR leaders believe that if the company does not introduce automation tools in the upcoming 1-2 years, its success rate will gradually go down.  Consequently, HR professionals feel optimistic about AI, and most of them start integrating it to complete their routine tasks and maximize productivity.

AI has already proven its ability in the shortlisting process.  The automated tools provide relief from administrative burdens. As per Forbes– “AI tools help to find higher quality candidates and reduce the overall time of hiring process.”

How is Artificial Intelligence changing the Hiring process?

Until recently, the role and responsibility of a recruiter is to find a suitable candidate with high productivity & efficiency and convincing to join him/her at a reasonable package.

Thanks to technology and GenAI use cases, the HR Department can accept important business challenges and boost operational productivity.  AI works on a data-driven approach for talent acquisition, employee advancement, and retention. The automated tools are integrated into an organization to manage various processes such as:

  • Employee records management
  • Recruitment and hiring processes
  • Payroll processing
  • Evaluating assessments
  • Benefits Administration
  • Onboarding new employees
  • HR support or service desks

The Future of Human Resource Management with AI

Well, AI has already proved its potential across various fields. HR professionals must know automated tools like chatbots and Virtual assistants to focus more on strategic tasks. Better termed used for the same is AI professionals. In the coming years, these AI Professionals will be more capable of managing the routine and administrable work of an organization.

Both Professionals and newcomers must adapt to the advancement and enroll in AI certification programs to enhance their skills and performance.  The technology serves as a co-pilot and elevates human capabilities to a high level of effectiveness.  The Generative AI Certifications course upgrades your skills ranging from decision-making to revolutionizing policies, contracts, and job descriptions.

The traditional methods of applying for positions have become obsolete. Cover letters, applications, and resumes already lost their world. In the era of digitization, Candidates prefer to send their information directly to job managers and recruitment teams via e-mail and other online portals. And, AI tools scan each resume and search for designated keywords to determine the suitable candidates from a long database.

Automation is not a new concept for HR; the selection team used to apply various filters for screening on job portals. Generative AI in HR trains a professional on how to streamline the priority tasks and allow AI tools to complete time-consuming tasks with low value such as common employee questions about procedures and policies, and processing leave forms.

Numerous AI courses for HR professionals are available in the market, offering insights on achieving operational efficiency. Business leaders have the chance to become market champions and learn the ethical application of technology. Many working professionals are enrolling in AI leadership certification courses to upgrade their management & business skills.

Generative AI tools simplify complex technical manuals to simple step-by-step walkthroughs. Tools like ChatGPT are already highlighted in the market, but the actual growth occurs when one evolves alongside technology.

The Topics covered in AI leadership certification Modules are:

  • Fundamentals of Programming & mathematics
  • AI adoption strategies
  • Practical Exposure to Generative AI
  • Talent Development
  • Access to Resources
  • Strategic Assessment

Industry professionals as well as newcomers can speed up their career journey with certification courses. As per IBM's latest reports, 55% of companies are investing in automated tools, as per the demand of the workplace.


Artificial intelligence is a superhero in every form. AI Certification Programs cover the latest and advanced AI strategic topics. Well, automated tools are created to aid professionals in their routine activities. HR professionals should know AI tools to constantly collect and analyze crucial data.

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