I don’t know if I agree with this day and wish to celebrate it, or if our drive for equality is becoming a bit too over the top and are we trying to gain supremacy as opposed to equality?

I have grown up in a stereotypical “Daddy goes to work and Mummy stays at home to look after the children and cook, clean, wash and iron etc etc  etc” environment and roll on a fair few years and I  am now a working mum of two children, working quite hard and then rushing back for dinner, bath-time and stories.

According to the constant news articles women have a raw deal – but do we? Or do we simply want our cake and to eat it? I am definitely one of the latter. I want to have a good job, with a happy family and a level of financial security. Yes, I miss out on the morning school runs and sleepy mid afternoon snuggles but when I am there its 100 miles per hour of fun, hugs and laughter.  Being a working mum is rewarding and I know that my children’s perception of women is far different to many of their peers.  A fair few times I have gone to do the school pick up on a day off and seen the disdain and over familiarity that some children have towards their parents. The, “where were you – you were late,” aggression and my children have never had that attitude.  I hope they will grow up and enjoy their femininity and know that you can have a balance of both worlds.

Is there equality? Well I don’t know if I want it – I think chivalry is still important and I am under no illusion that there are many things my husband can do that I am massively inept at. I enjoy having the door held open for me and I enjoy old fashioned values – I want my children to see these values at work too.

A large portion of our candidate database is compiled of strong independent women. Some with children and working, others with no desire to have a family but their drive for success is no different to any other entrepreneur or business person. They do not accept anything other than the best for themselves and it’s commendable. Fierce women working a fierce economy is never a bad thing.

There have been a fair few articles about “Women with University educations being wasted working as stay at home mums.”  What I love about our society is it is increasingly apparent that choice is King.  Free will for men and women to choose what suits their circumstances best. A happy man or woman is the main aim regardless of the choices made.


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Emy Rumble-Mettle

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Comment by Kerris Hougardy on March 8, 2012 at 11:34am

My six year old daughter told me the other day that she wanted to be a scientist, a zoo keeper, a story writer and a mummy!  Perfect!  :-)

Comment by Lipton Fleming on March 8, 2012 at 11:37am

Ha ha..... Wonderful.


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