Staffing Agencies are amazing microcosms. They often have the potential to go from zero revenue to a million dollars in a week.  With this earning potential, you will find some of the greatest entrepreneurs playing in and around the Recruiting Industry.  These entrepreneurs are extremely independent individuals who will do whatever it takes to fill a clients' opening, while always on the hunt for new opportunities. 

Happy to shoulder the accountability and responsibility that clients', candidates' and employees' saddle them with each day, Entrepreneurs often find themselves in over their heads when they begin to grow their business beyond themselves. Once this happens it's time to include staff.   Now a new entrepreneur and new staff are always a tough combination and there are many reasons but, one could be explained in a conversation I recently had.

Entrepreneur:  "I have a great environment, flexible clients and fillable orders.  I went out and hired several great Recruiters.  The problem is not a single Recruiter is producing.  I have tried teaching them, motivating them with trips, money, you name it, they just don't listen to me.  I want to hire someone who can come in and make them successful."

RBS Consultant:  "What do you expect each Recruiter to produce?"

Entrepreneur:  "I would be happy with 2 fills per month."

RBS Consulting:  "What are the consequences for a Recruiter that does not meet that expectation?"

After a long silence, the Entrepreneur finally came back with:  "Hey, I see where you are going.  Let me be clear, I like the Recruiters we have and I am not willing to lose any one of them.  Just find me someone who will be accountable for their production."

You can see from this conversation the Entrepreneur knows he has an issue with accountability.  The question is: does he know that accountability for his own actions is the beginning and the end of this problem? 

Don't think for a moment the answer is as simple as "yes" or "no." 

Looking in the mirror and holding yourself accountable is scary enough.  Reaching within yourself, finding the issues and then making the changes needed is where we separate the men from the boys, or in this case, the CEO's from the Entrepreneurs. 

Once you can hold yourself accountable to anyone, including colleges, peers, and employees, you will find it easier to hold those around you accountable.  This in itself will take you along way to building a profitable and sustainable business.



Rebecca B. Sargeant

The Recruiter's Career Coach

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