It Was A Staffing June I will Remember For Years to Come

I couldn't help but smile as I drove home today, blessings abounded as my belief in incredible possibilities in my staffing realm had all but hit me in incredible bursts.  A 4 hire day.  Something as magical as that I have had privilege of being a part of before in April, but to do it in this way well it was just a sweet little icing on the cake to a day I knew would end with some interesting moments, while I was sourcing the day away helping partner recruiters nail thier placements - my job boards ran out of views on Careerbuilder, Monster and Dice, and so I ended the day with passive LinkedIn searches.  It was a nice little moment with challenges and a few bumps and wizardry in a magical finish line to a month where I hit my personal hire goal.


There are days like today we will all remember.  It's like the staffing realm always brings a nice little random moment or two.  I am always in love with that.  In hitting my goal I realized some financial goals, and secured some summer time compensation we needed.


A few lessons learned - have faith in your team, give them the benefit of the doubt, realize that your success may depend on some other folks and their goals - meeting them halfway to get to desired results.


Staffing gets in your blood, stays there and becomes the impitus for driving you to your moments.  In summers past it was the amazing staffing realm that opened new doors along the way to true outcomes of results previously not imagined.  That's my greatest joy in the field of chosen endeavor, and on this day, I couldn't help but smile.  As I walked into my house my daughter came running up and threw her arms around me, and I got a beautiful smile from my baby boy, all the while enjoying new flooring freshly done in my home, with my sister, parents, and nephew there visiting, I shared what many staffing professionals love to share - the thrill of the hunt, the thrill of the fill, and the miraculous moments that come when you realize a personal goal that propels you into your best self.  Yes, a June to remember, it had its ups, downs, and everything in between.  To see your company president look you square in the eye and say "Well Done" as well a recruiting partner and fellow staffing professional give you a high five, well those days build the momentum, not to mention the thrill of changing lives and picking up folks in the remnants of the tattered economy and knowing that you were instrumental in their careers getting back on track and propelling the economic stability, there is nothing more blessed, or amazing than having the privilege to do just that.  A moment of staffing wizardry, where client, and candidate are well served, and all go away with a very pleased outcome, that right there is staffing the way I love it, thank goodness we have this profession to propel us to economic and career goals as we make matches - as the Jewish Peasant says in Fiddler on the Roof, Match Maker, Match Maker - well make me a match.  That's the ultimate thrill along with a new baby, new floors, a great daughter and wife, parents who bless me daily, and well, just life at its amazing best.  That was today.

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Comment by Andrew Hally on July 1, 2011 at 11:26am
Great post. Sounds like golfers talking about how in every round, even the bad ones, they hit a sweet shot that keeps them coming back from more despite a dozen bunker shots.
Comment by Kevin Cure on July 1, 2011 at 11:32am
That was inspirational.  Truly is an example of the payoff of being present, diligent, and caring.  I wish you many more days like this.  Thanks for your words as they will be referred to often when I feel like throwing in the towel and going corporate....just kidding corporate recruiter friends.


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