Jeramiah was a Bullfrog... JOY to the WORLD

Jeramiah was a bullfrog... he was a good friend of mine, I never underword a single word he said but I helped him drink his wine.......Sing it.. I know you want to.... Joy to the world... all the boys and girls.. joy to the fishies in the deep blue sea.. joy to you and me! ba ba ba ba bababa

That'll do, I am in a good mood, thought I share the happy song with everyone. Wonder if it'll stay in your heads all day... you could do worse I suppose! (that's a different discussion)

In times like these, where there is doom and gloom from everywhere, I, like lots of people am continuously looking for inspiration, to lift up my head and keep moving one foot in front of the other.

I thought of a saying "Attitude is contagious... is yours worth catching?" I try to live this, and remember it when those skies are grey and it feels like no-one is really paying attention to us.

I try to make myself excited and bouncy by the time I hit the office, 1st coffee or not... everyone I talk to must have a positive experience, both about me and my company. It does kind of annoy my team at times, but someone and some area has to be responsible for positivity... another cliche.. "if it's meant to be it's up to me!".

Is this a bit too Pollyanna-ish for people? maybe, sickening to people.. at times I'm sure, however it is a very powerful tool.

When I am talking to candidates (or clients in the days of old) honestly, they really don't care if I'm having a bad day, had only 2 hours sleep the night before, don't care if my boss just gave me an impossible assignment, one of my team just lost a placement or anything... when I'm talking to them it has to be all about them and our relationship AND it needs to be a positive experience. Talk with a smile, be passionate, or at least know why you are where you are. It'll make your day better, the candidates and the people around you. I like to do what I can... I can't change the world, or really influence it that much (no matter what my ego tells me), however a spark can start a fire!

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