Keep on hiring like a robot and get the candidates without personality!

The modern recruitment platform gives us a plenty of opportunities for efficient search among thousands of candidates and millions of profiles. Professional recruiters know that the use of recruitment platform, for example, SignalHire, makes it easier to search resumes, use databases and social networks, filter out the candidates with the various skills, geolocation or experience in the required field, choose keywords to weed out candidates who do not correspond to the criteria assigned to a particular job. But do we really believe that the use of the platform for searching needs or sending emails is the right use of technology?

 Have you ever caught yourself or your colleagues at the daily working with a large number of profiles and positions turns in the soulless screening? Recruiters use such platforms as SignalHire only as a technical tool. Of course, usually platforms support this, but let’s be the people, but not the machines!

Every day, the recruiter gets into a dangerous situation. What will you choose? An applicant who meets all the criteria of the selection when we use filtering tools for skills and keywords. Or maybe you will build a network of candidates, based on the history of working with them for another vacancy and create a certain image of a human being with the advantages, disadvantages and possible prospects for professional growth.

 Humans or data

 Use the platform tools, to see the information about the candidate's personality, but not dry statements about the available skills and profiles in social networks. Hire the people, rather than a set of data information. For example, some platforms allow you to save your searching history and create for each of the candidate the personal card with the comments that are opened for you and your colleagues only. It can be your mark on the personal qualities of the candidate or additional skills that you learned from the dialogue rather than from the resume. During the selection of these facts, it may seem insignificant, but you will always have a trump card in the form of the candidate who can come the employee of one of your clients in future. In addition, you will develop a loyalty of the candidate as you will note during the last conversation when hiring for another position that he planned to learn French or a new programming language. Ask about his success, and be assured that the candidate remembers you.


 The platform for Networking

 The integration of the recruiting platform with the social networks and the ability to go directly to the social profiles of the candidates is a tool that can not be ignored. To understand what the candidates live, see their interests and environment interests. You'd be surprised but in the social networks you can find a review on the present or past employers and assess the risks in hiring the wrong person. Social networks will make it possible to understand whether the personal qualities of the candidate will be found suitable for the corporate staff of the client’s company. Most social risks and interpersonal situations can be foreseen even on the search stage.



Do not be fond of personality

This statement may seem contradictory to all of the described above, but we can not fail to mention this. Be careful, you are still looking for a new employee, but not a good friend. The definition of professional qualities of the candidate by his personal is a huge mistake and a right way for failure. Of course, to determine the identity of the candidate is much simpler and faster than to get to understand him as a professional. Remember that the candidate will be part of the team and the personality in the company only after the hire.

Such recruitment platform as is a great tool for technical searching. But to treat it with only one hand means to lose a large part of the bonuses for the selection and hiring process. Take a look at the work of the platform more widely and use it for the maximum.


If you would like to try SignalHire and to take a look how it could help your business just visit our website or book a FREE DEMO of the software with the consulting of our manager.

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