The recruitment battle on two fronts - for candidate & client

The modern technology can greatly facilitate the work of the recruiter. Due to the applicant tracking system and technologies it has become easier to perform many advanced search operations.  But the really effective results can be obtained only through the hard work and achievements of an experienced and competent recruiter. The best recruiter knows how to make effective calls, to develop centers of influence, to build relationships, to interact, clients and candidates, to determine the "pain" points of the motivation of the candidate.

Candidate is a target for sales and marketing

The recruiter also knows how to define the criteria by which candidate will make the decision to change his job. We work with the candidate to help him find a better place and know how to make a suggestion tactfully to discuss counter-offer, negotiate, and provide comprehensive information on the company and the job. This is just a brief list of those skills, which has a capacity of a recruiter.

The statement that recruitment is based on sales and advertising, does not disclose the other, more important skills, which are the must for a recruiter to show the best results and the highest quality of work. If you hire a recruiter with the excellent performance in terms of sales and marketing, it does not mean that you have found a high-experienced specialist.

 Talent relationship management (TRM) ( «Talent Management") is the another essential skill.  To succeed, the recruiter must be a master of the art of establishing contacts. The superior recruiter is the one that makes contact quickly. When you are dealing with a valuable candidate for the first time, you have only a few moments to establish a trusting relationship with him, or, at least, a superficial acquaintance.

The big amount of articles, discussions, and blogs dedicated to the recruitment issues are recruiters primarily as the sellers of vacancies and specialists in company advertising.

Integrate the customer in the process of hiring

Such a platforms as SignalHire able the integration of the client in the process of working on a vacancy, to give the opened access to the performance of the way the recruiters hire.

When your customer trusts you and sees all the candidate search process it is making the customer loyal to the recruiting company.

In addition, some platforms provide an opportunity to provide the client with the labor market analytics.  Such tools can open the client a new perspective on the competition with your help.

The ideal recruiter is able to find and use information about the culture of the organization and it’s key employees. He (she) is aware of the importance of timing, policy and organizational process for management changes in the organization.

All companies are different and need a well-informed and knowledgeable recruiter to understand the labyrinth of systems and policies. The structure and the peculiarities of the company can absorb the candidate so you will never see or hear about him.

Building long-term relationships

The devotion to valuable clients and candidates, and the desire to do everything to help them - that is what distinguishes the professional.  An experienced recruiter acts more like a counselor or career coach for a candidate and as an expert in the subject area for the client.

Most experts know that establishing new contacts can provide excellent references and a new source of networking.  The use of modern recruiting platforms consists the high quality of interaction with clients and candidates, which is reflected the results of his work.

If you would like to try SignalHire and to take a look how it could help your business just visit our website or book a FREE DEMO of the software.

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