I must admit I am quite a jolly and happy fellow, but every now and then we get hit with a VERY interesting set of circumstances.  Friday the 13th and Recruiting.  Where do I even begin.

Every now and then you are pulled in so many different directions, you are striving to deliver great talent, balance internal working relationships and power through the expectations of a multiplicity of players.  How does one do this with an "A Player" attitude even when the chips are down, the pressure is on, and every angle of the reality of the recruiting desk is there.  You have your "Purple Squirrel" requirements, you have your individuals building change that is out of your hands, and out of your control, you have people whom need your focus, your time, your faith and whole heart.

You have candidates needing status, add to this perhaps the internal bucket of talent if your organization approaches matters in such a way, you are going to be like the super hero from Incredibles "Elastic" - and you know what I mean.

So - how does one balance all of this.  It is perhaps a great question?  So I suppose this post is all about life.  Life in general and life in the forefront.  How many mistakes have you made?  How have you risen when you were knocked down only to rise again and fill that tough job?  There are many, many folks whom like to look at multiple angles trying to uncover the "Why" of things when right in front of you are the challenges that you must overcome and still somehow balance the powers that be, the realities that are, and the strengths deep down.

Today was such a day, it had moments that made me smile, moments that I felt strong, and other moments where I just felt overwhelmed and even the candidate that said thus to me: "out of the eight organizations that have contacted me in 2015 about other opportunities the experience with your company has been the most organized, responsive and professional." - That one comment made the day worth it I must admit.  Candidate experience I strive towards, and so many days I am just moving on my effort to push forward on a wing and a prayer.  I find sometimes that such a push is worth it.  There was the candidate this week that said to me: "You brought me in for another role and I never dreamed this one would come about for me".

Think of it, even when everything seems to be an uphill battle what is the one thing you may have ultimate control of.  Treating others with respect, striving to deliver to your promises, and holding to your goals.  As I took stock of where I was, I needed to remind myself today that I was human, if but for a moment, to say you are doing things right in many areas, make some tweaks here and there, be humble and find what makes you work at your best level.

Sometimes - it is driving to the goal where you run into moments of complete challenge.  But attitude is everything.  There were a couple moments today where I was about ready to pull my hair out, some recruiting days may be like that, especially Friday the 13th. 

Think of the domino affects for one moment of your recruiting interactions, nothing more clearly creates great outcomes more than a recruiting venture, it changes lives, facilitates economic reality, it separates the good from the great, and all about this is a fine balancing act indeed of interactions between human beings in the business marketplace humming to the tune of progress.  There are those moments where even the conversation of "not this time" to your candidate can hopefully be an uplifting moment.  With so many people clamoring about for a finite resource, which is your time, you are bound to be humbled every now and then with a few moments of "uh oh", or "now what do I do", or the ultimate one - "Gee why is this happening today?" and "How can I overcome this obstacle in front of me?".

The reality is a recruiter sometimes has to renew their energy and upbeat positivity, even when your day has taken you to a moment where you are tired, overwhelmed and have kept up the momentum in every area that you possess.  Greatness in recruiting is not by happenstance - it is a mojo, a commitment, an inward direction of faith.

Regardless, of what happens for the remainder of this year I take a moment in my life today, right now, and look deep inside myself.  There are those whom may not understand my unique recruiting approach, but yet, somehow I find it effective.  There is something VERY satisfying about finally filling your purple squirrel requirements.  Indeed, each requirement you are driving forward on is a blessing in disguise.  Think of it, staffing is a privilege and a faith building endeavor.  How far have you gone to help your client groups, and what steps have you done to assist them?  When you are making sacrifices in your efforts, and push ahead with commitment, faith and drive, there really is nothing that can stop you from rising above the current change, the current environmental factors or whatever else is a "reality" of the "now".

I write this post tonight really to remind myself, to really recommit deep down, that I will not no matter what give up in the face of the toughest real recruiting challenges.  Only when the jobs are filled after several moments where others have really dragged it out of you must you remember that Faith precedes the miracle.  What is "Faith" in staffing, really showing up, continuing to make a few more calls even when you feel deep down you have done all that you can.  When you have several roles that all demand your faith, your execution, your deepest endeavors to bring to pass miracle outcomes, it is without a doubt the most interesting matter of them all.  A fill.  A placement, and a finality over the humps, the bruises, and the bangs, even the real critical x-factors.  Somewhere, somehow, is the exact candidate you need.  A recruiter whose drive to leave no stone un-turned, is that one whom makes the outcomes somehow come to pass. 

I find that it is my sourcing engine, pure and simple, that key boolean string, that key element of commitment deep down that enables me to overcome the challenges, revisit the victories, and add some value somehow.

Think of the reality of it all.  What got you to where you are today?  Some people will have the "What can you do for me right now?" mentality.  When I was a sourcer pure and simple it reminded me that even when I got the incredible months for my client groups and delivered that talent to such a degree where others stood back and said wow, I had to just remind myself and look back to that "success moment", to dig out a few more matters for success.  Another area that a successful recruiter looks to is the prioritization of your desk.  In reality no one else but you can fill your particular jobs.  There may be times in the back of your mind you are thinking - "Gee would it not just be easier to give this particular requirement to someone else?" In our "purple squirrel" searches I am sure we have had those moments as recruiters, where the manager wanted the candidate to be "just so".  Where internal partners all had their ideas of what recruiting was, and what it is not. After 300+ hires in my current company many days I just think back to that incredible number and I just remind myself once again - in nearly a 5 year period you have helped hire nearly 500+ people. Such a remarkable and humbling thought that I have in some way helped the economic circumstances of so many.

Likewise are those challenging circumstances that just make you take a step back and say, how will I do this today, what is my plan of attack?  Attitude ladies and gentlemen is the little thing that counts most above all else.  Think on it, how many times have you taken the bullet and strived to make it happen.  What is it that you have done to relieve the anxiety of others in your recruiting venture.  Think on it, what is attitude to do with recruiting success?  It is the very thing that keeps you driving, pushing, hoping, filling, sourcing, calling, moving, and shaking.  Faith in yourself and Faith in your business partners. 

Every now and then - I turn on the "Unstoppable" Song from Rascal Flatts - the one on Youtube that spotlights Olympic Athletes overcoming their obstacles.  Or the song "Stand".  I need a reminder every now and again to keep "standing", in my business ventures even when the deck may seem stacked against me.

It is this inward fire, this OCD piece of my life about my inward resolve that I suppose has helped me get where I am today.  I always worry that others perception is handled with care.  TLC - Tender Loving Care is the approach I try with everyone.  Even when I feel most passionate about my "pet peeves", it takes another moment within to just take a step back and say "Ahh now here is the magic I need, here is the dedication and commitment I need again." So many will be the harsh critics that may not be able to pull the curtain back and see the burden of your staffing desk.  It is here you have to be cautious in your business affairs.  Remember that those whom are struggling in their own careers may not realize the true gift your staffing desk is to others.  And by keeping and holding on your commitments you can realize great outcomes.

I made a goal the other day to create a follow-up list of those matters that need my attention and frequently create little email folders about all those matters that I have to keep attention to.

There are perhaps many moments where staffing is as I shall say a miracle in and of itself.  It is there you take a few moments perhaps on a Friday the 13th no less to say, Attitude is everything to success in recruiting.  And along with that - "Whom have I helped today?" - which in turn leads to "What legacy has my staffing desk left behind?"  And on that note - I think I'm in good company and grateful for the ties that bind me to my chosen profession.



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