The finance and accounting career gives high pay and better career placement after graduation. For example, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates the number of financial analyst jobs will increase by more than 12 percent by the year 2024. 

For the professionals and personal finance advisors, the growth rate over the same period is nearly 30 percent, so there are plenty of opportunities for the aspiring individuals who are interested to choose finance as a career path. Finance jobs are growing at quicker rates in many parts of USA, Europe and Asia. 

And for professionals with a suitable background, who possess professional credentials, job opportunities are ample. Many positions in this field are considered as essential organizational functions and are a profit maker within many corporations.  

In this article, let’s have a look at the best industries for finance jobs and top jobs in the finance. 

Best Industries for Finance Jobs  

While the finance and accounting professionals work in independent practice. The demand for professionals who have done accounting programs is quite high.  

According to a report from BLS the industries that employed the largest number of professionals are: 

  • Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Payroll Services 
  • Management of organizations and enterprises 
  • Local and State Government agencies 
  • Management, Scientific and Technical Consulting Services 
  • Banking Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) 

Top jobs in the Finance 

These jobs in the finance and accounting career are one of the lucrative jobs, which also offer highest median salaries in the industry. 

The salaries might differ depending based on the location, organization, experience level, the accounting programs an individual has done, and many more. 

  • CFOs 

Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) are very important for any organization. They take care of all the financial activities within an organization, they also get paid very high salary, but the job is also of higher responsibility. CFOs mainly handle the finances of an organization. As this is a top-level position, the role demands for a lot of experience in the industry. 

Median annual salary: $179,520  

  • Financial Managers 

This role is solely for high-ranking professionals who perform the long-term financial plans for a company. This is not meant for freshers or less experienced people who are at entry-level position. This is a perfect finance and accounting career option for those who possess extensive experience in investment firms, insurance companies, and banks.  

Median annual salary: $131,710 

  • Personal Finance Advisors 

Personal finance advisors and financial advisors mainly handle clients to make important decisions, which are related to budgets and economic situations. If one wants to become a financial advisor then it is a must to have a bachelor’s degree. It will be a great add on if one has done any credentials like (Chartered Investment & Management Accountant) CIMA certification. 

Median annual salary: $94,170 

  • Financial Analysts  

A financial analyst performs duties under a financial manager, forecasting a firm’s financial future. They work in several various fields of the finance space. The financial analysts can get lucrative salaries with many growth opportunities. 

Median annual salary: $81,410 

  • Budget Analysts 

In simple terms, a budget analyst is someone who analyses the budgets — they review a company’s spending and seek ways to enhance its financial state. Budget analysts can offer advantage from a few finance-focused certifications, but they must have at least a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, such as accounting, mathematics, or business.  

Median annual salary: $79,940 

  • Accountants and Auditors 

Accountants and auditors usually deal with taxes of an organization. They also play a key role in analyzing an organization’s finances to get insights that leads to improvement and ways to minimize the risk involved.  

Median annual salary: $77,250 

CIMA certification 

Chartered Investment & Management Accountant (CIMA®)is among the top accounting programs, which is meant for a professional, who is looking for ways to begin a global career in the field of finance. It is uniquely crafted powerful financial accounting certification.   

CIMA certification is highly reliable and holds the distinctive validation of advanced-level competence of professionals in two of the most swiftly growing super-specialization areas in accounting – investment accounting, and management accounting.  

It is a perfect qualification for professionals who want to advance finance career. The CIMA® charter offers each professional with a proven assurance and readiness for extracting the important and in-demand financial intelligence that globally many firms are in demand to monitor and grow their investment assets, portfolios and overall organization. 

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