Living Life with Conviction of The Heart

Where are the dreams that we once had?
This is the time to bring them back.
What were the promises caught
On the tips of our tongues?
Do we forget or forgive?
There's a whole other life waiting to be lived when...
One day we're brave enough
To talk with conviction of the heart.
And down your streets I've walked alone,
As if my feet were not my own
Such is the path I chose,
Doors I have opened and closed
I'm so tired of living this life,
Fooling myself, believing we're right when...
I've never given love
With any conviction of the heart.
One with the Earth, with the sky
I believe we'll survive
If we only try...
How long must we wait to change
This world bound in chains that we live in
To know what it is to forgive,
And to be forgiven?
It's been too many years of talking now.
Isn't it time to stop somehow?
Air that's too angry to breathe
Water our children can't drink
You've heard it hundreds of times
You say you're aware, believe and you care, but...
Do you care enough
To talk with conviction of the heart?

-Kenny Loggins

Tonight I heard my colleague and fellow coach in the Dale Carnegie program I serve in in the Silicon Valley, speak of his stroke. He got off the plane and collapsed and was whisked to the hospital. At the end of class I spoke with this colleague, who spoke of Living each day as if it was the last one given.

I thought long and hard about this. His stroke occurred at age 35 only 5 years older than I am now.

I realized at the end of a very inspirational class, that somehow I had changed just a bit more. My determination and the fire within to live with Conviction of the Heart in all that I do, matters more now than ever.

Whether I am at work, home, or out in the community, whatever I do had better be my best foot forward.

Today, my managing partner taught me more in 5 minutes of her time, than I could ever imagine-She said: "Your network, and how you manage it, is the most important thing you will ever do."

Every day, conviction with the heart is so key, so vital. It is pivitol.

Everything now must be done with "Conviction of the Heart". We only have "one life", we live in "one world".

You had better care. You had better strive harder than ever before to help others, lift others and persuade others to better themselves.

"How long must we wait to change
This world bound in chains that we live in
To know what it is to forgive,
And to be forgiven?"

In every circumstance, you will always have vital moments when others can teach you more than you can yourself. I have always strived to live with Conviction of the Heart.

It is a lifestyle, a purpose.

Believe you will achieve and you will.

Conviction of the Heart is not an easy lifestyle, will never be, and there will be many many people saying you can't do this or that.

Beleive. Talk, Walk, Live, and Breathe with Conviction of the Heart.

My good friend a Sales Manager at KICU, today spoke with conviction of the heart as I met with him in a networking meeting of the minds.

It was a good meeting that will lead to new areas of opportunity.

Do I live, breathe and attack each day with enough full purpose of heart, to make a difference?

Tonight at the end of a very busy, exhausting week, it was a dear friend, and a Dale Carnegie Coach, who coached his fellow coach, at the end of our inspirational close, to find each day with conviction of the heart.

I could lose my job, my money, all I have, but still have Conviction of the Heart if I had my family and friends to support me.

My friend spoke of the stress that lead to his heart attack. Living with Conviction of the Heart, is embracing and understanding that stress and worry, are things that must be managed, by living and going after each challenge with true "Conviction of the Heart".

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