Mapping out Solutions: Integrated Geolocation

For a few years, sites like Mapquest were at the forefront of online mapping tools, but as Google became larger and more capable of maintaining Google Maps and Google Earth, it was clear that this style of technology and this level of accessibility needed to be expanded.

Data analytics, when applied to mapping and geographic information, allow powerful tools to be developed that can be used for a wide range of purposes, recruitment not the least among them. Location targeting can benefit recruiting in general. It’s a common narrative: the deal is about to be sealed with a candidate, you set down the phone after a productive call with them. Moments later, you realize or are told for the first time that the new hire needs to live within twenty five miles of your location, or maybe the news was released that your company is opening up or creating at least a dozen new jobs on the other side of the country. Why not save sourcing time by using GPS location-based systems to target candidates for these location-sensitive posts? Although it must be clear to app users that the location permissions are indeed important and not to be overlooked as the app is installed.

Recruiting via Geolocation by Industry Professionals

The application of data on a large scale can facilitate nationwide smart recruitment initiatives, which isprecisely the tactic the United States Marine Corps employed in the past year. By mapping “target rich” zones where recruitment-eligible population levels correspond to geographic accessibility and education, recruiters could establish their presence in the most efficient locations, saving time and transport costs. Other metrics allowed recruiters to identify which candidates my might have potential, but who were not presently qualified to join (find more about the Marine Corps. and their efforts to improve recruiting in this case study).


They were able to follow the progress of these passive candidates and the entire project led to an overall boon in qualified recruits. With this tool, organizations are able to target candidates who live within a certain distance of their company/ offices/ whichever facility they deem important. Candidates who live within ten miles of the organization, for instance, can be identified and pursued. Candidates who are local make for happier, longer-staying employees,since relocation causes long-lasting stress. Local recruitment, then, is a distinct opportunity to hire happier. You never know when you’ll discover the phenomenal talent that lives a block down the street. Even better, this sort of tool allows searching specific sectors, not necessarily an administrative zone.

AvantLink, an organization that offers services focused around affiliate recruitment and application management, launched a Geolocation Affiliate Tool that allowed merchants to search for affiliates based on the originating country for he majority of the affiliates’ traffic. When Avantlink merchants access their account, they’re able to access traffic information by various methods. Small favicon images of country flags are connected to affiliates, allowing the user to see where the majority of the referral traffic is coming from, shedding light on the most effective targeted marketing campaigns. Also, clicking any particular flag shows the top three referral traffic countries, not exclusively the most popular.

 OpenVue by HireVue, utilizes the strength of geolocation in its comprehensive recruiting and job-finding package. With the geolocation features of OpenVue, companies can push location-based digital interiew questions to candidates, allowing targeted candidates to interview on the spot. When integrated with social media, this geolocation-based tool becomes the next big thing- which is what we expect from anything so closely affiliated with Google maps.

Almost all the job boards. Search engines and applications these days, customize the user experience based on the location. Within this all-pervading customized local experience, doesn’t it make sense to apply it to recruiting too.

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