More thoughts on Sales Skills are Life Skills

I found the replies to my last post interesting...

Rayanne's comment went straight to my point; how many people have that negative view of "sales"? Yet, if we communicate at all - we sell. (see Sales Skills are Life Skills)

It is definitely not about "selling someone" and I understand where Ben is coming from. That being said, to lump all into "you Americans" is not exactly fair. I think Jim's point lends to motivation and persistence. Our solutions may not help everyone. We will hear "no" many more times than "yes" and if you are not mentally able to handle that fact, selling becomes very hard. Now, there is difference between no to what we are selling and saying no to God. We have to learn that no to us is usually not personal and we work hard not to take it personally. No to God is always personal. (I will leave the theological discussion to another time. Just thank God for Grace.)

Selling in America has always been about relationships. Consultative selling is just a trendy term. Did we not patent the term "good ole boy network"? Exceptions can be found in every profession, market, or country yet concerning selling, it is about where the client is, where they want to be, and if the product or service our organization offers can get them there. Our job as a professional sales person is to clearly identify the need and explain our solution. It is building that bridge. (hey, I see another blog entry here!)

My intent with the last post was simply to show that learning sales skills is more than just learning how to be successful in selling. It is more than simply increasing your income. It is more than simply learning how to overcome objections or steer a conversation with questions. The skills you obtain through success in selling ALSO lend - if applied - to success in life. They are tools that everyone can use and everyone can benefit from regardless of your position. Increasing your income is just one of many benefits.

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