"You have two employees, both technically competent, but you
can keep just one of them. What abilities or behaviors do you
look for to determine which employee will stay and which one
will go?"

There was remarkable agreement to that question from CEO's,
managers, supervisors, human resource directors, employers,
and business owners.

In fact it came down to eight high performance abilities to
determine which employee to hire, lay-off, fire, or retain:

1) Take charge of their personal life
The quality and stability of your personal life often has a direct
impact upon the quality and success of your professional life.

2) Demonstrate "value added"
What added value do you bring to your job that directly
contributes to the financial stability, success, and growth of
your company?Your future will depend on your ability to answer
this question.

3) Have a positive impact
Which employees do they fight to keep? The ones who are
determined to set a positive tone through their performance and

4) Embrace and initiate change
You must be able to adapt to all of the changes an organization
is going through with professionalism, determination, and
optimism. You must be resilient.

5) Work smarter, harder, faster, and better
Employees are wanted that are not afraid of hard work, who
can be counted on to do the job right, and who don't need
constant reminders or supervision. They know what needs to
be done and they do it. It is that simple.

6) Communicate openly and directly
Valuable employees are ones that can effectively communicate
their needs, preferences, ideas, and feelings to their
customers, co-workers, and your company.

7) Look for leadership opportunities
Employers want people who are willing and able to assume a
leadership role and take charge when necessary and

8) Commit to a Life Long Learning Process
In today's business climate, no one's position is ever secure.
Do what you are doing now - continue learning.

Apart from these eight abilities that will make you employable,
every manager, CEO, human resource director, supervisor, and
business owner - without exception - stressed the importance
of character.

They want employees they can trust. People that incorporate
into their lives and their jobs values of honesty and integrity.
People who keep their promises and do what they say they are
going to do. Character is important and not just in politics.

In everything, especially life, I believe you get out of it
what you put in.

It is like the wise man at the city gate:
A wise man was sitting at the city gate. A traveler approached
him and asked, "Sir, I am new here. Could you tell me what kind
of people dwell in this city?" After pondering the wise man asked,
"And what are people like from where you have come?" The man
replied, "They were foolish, vile, and unfriendly."The wise man
replied, "And that is what they are like here also."

Not long after, another traveler approached the wise man and
asked what kind of people lived within the city. The wise man
asked, "What were the people like where you have come from?"
The traveler responded, "Honest, friendly, and hard-working."
The wise man responded, "And that is what they are
like here as well."

You often find what you are looking for - Be Positive.

Remember, there are only two reasons people do not live up to
their full potential in both their personal and professional lives.
They are either unable to do so, or they are unwilling to do so.
Take the necessary steps to take charge of your career. If you
need help, that is perfectly acceptable.

Bottom Line: Every CEO, manager, HR director, and business
owner said they wanted to hire and retain people who were
enthusiastic and optimistic about themselves and their future.

I hope you can incorporate these eight high performance
abilities into your personal and professional life in order to reach
for even greater success and satisfaction in your life.

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Comment by Faisal Javed on December 3, 2008 at 8:31pm
nice post...
Comment by Sally Raade on December 3, 2008 at 11:12pm
Something to think about. Love it! I would keep the worker bee.


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