Negative Thought Patters to Avoid before the Interview

Sometimes, we all start falling into panic and let bad thoughts capture our mind without being aware of how destructive these thoughts can be. We only start realizing it when we fail and nothing can be changed. Looking back at the past we replay the situation over and over again and understand that but for negative thinking everything might have been better.

It happens pretty often, especially when life is going to take a sharp turning and open up new perspectives. With just a mere destructive thought reoccurring now and then in mind, a person can kill all success the future has in store. So, if you’ve spotted any of the below-listed bad thought patterns before or during the job interview, dismiss them and don’t ever let enter your mind.

I’m not good enough for this position

 If you’ve caught yourself constantly thinking that you aren’t professional enough to be hired then you will probably be rejected. And it’s not because you don’t fit the position but because you think you don’t. There is no such a person who would enter their profession as an established expert with ample experience. Usually, people start their business with passion about what they’re going to do. If you go crazy over your would-be work and have lots of creative ideas to offer your boss, you are sure to become an expert pretty soon.

There is nothing revolutionized in my ideas

We all want to stand out and be the authors of creative ideas that blow people’s mind. But more often all goes vice versa. We reinvent what has already been discovered, and that’s not plagiarizing or feeble imagination. Just, on the contrary, that’s a sure-fire way to progress and brand-new discoveries. The main point is to excel previous findings and make them still better. So you don’t have to beat yourself up over the thought that you aren’t Einstein in your field. You’d better concentrate on how you can improve existing ideas.

Money solves everything

Every time you think that you aren’t good enough to hold the desired position just remember that nothing is impossible. Yes, with a piece of jack in your pocket you’ll get on the top easier. But it doesn’t mean that without a start-up budget you won’t ever succeed. Even with limited budget you can build up a solid business if you manage money wisely. You don’t have to bother where to get money, but instead you should think of the better way to save it and invest in something profitable.

It didn’t work then and it won’t now

With this thought, you practically doom yourself to failure. Admit, it’s hard to get rid of previous crack-ups and start all over again with an absolute belief that this time it’s going to be a success. But you have to do it if you don’t want be a loser all the time. Your past doesn’t matter, even if it was the most misfortunate period in your life. You should learn the lesson, and use this knowledge to avoid the same mistakes. Once you realize it, you’ll get what you want.

Positive thinking is a good start up in any business. And as you know good beginning makes a good ending.

About the Author: Ann Aldrich is a young blogger offering helpful tips for job seekers or those trying to start up a successful business. Having experience as an entrepreneur, her pieces of advice are especially valuable for beginners or students interested in starting a business. Besides blogging, Ann takes part in the educational project at, helping students with their academic issues.


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