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How to Find Extra Time in Your Day

If only you could get more time in your day, right? We are often overwhelmed with all the tasks that need to be done in such a short time, and we think that if we have more time, we would definitely manage everything. But that’s just a dream, there’s only 24 hours in one day. When we happen to see a super-productive person, we think that this is all about super-human…


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How to Be the Best of the Best Recruiters

If you want to be one of the top recruiters, not just for your company, but also within the industry, there are a number of things you can do to increase the likelihood of that happening. You can be the best of the best recruiters in the industry if you have a real passion for what you do. You also must strive to do your best in every recruiting action you take. Here are a few things you can do to step it up a notch.



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Headhunter as a Promising Profession

Headhunters (or just hunters) are engaged in search and luring of top managers and senior executives. They can find any valuable specialist, to persuade him/her to go away from a rival’s company and close the position.

The profession is no less complex and demanding than other professions of…


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Reasons to Choose Psychology or Thank You, Professor Gregory!

I am a successful businessman who runs own Psychological consultancy and mental disorders lab today. But it was not always this way. That is why, I just wanted to say thank you God and my talented Professor Gregory Walsh for the perfect course and valuable experience I obtained in Psychology. I should admit that I took this discipline only to complete my academic…


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How to Keep Your Best Employees

Look around your office. If you see unfamiliar faces that are changing faster than it takes you actually to memorize your employees’ names, you must be doing something wrong.

According to statistics, nearly one-third of good employees including top managers is thinking about making a move. While in hard times they are grateful to have at least any job, when…


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Tips on How to Build Trust

What should you do if you are a new person in a new job? The first thing is to build trust. It  can be really hard for some people when they become a new member of a team, and it is not always easy hard to start communication with a group of strangers. So here you are a simple, but still very helpful, list for you to learn how to become friends with your new coworkers. Practice these points to build trust and learn these behavioural tricks and advice to form relationships more…


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Headhunters and Recruiters: Who is Who in the World of Business?

What is the difference between a headhunter and a recruiter? Many years of experience show that these two functions require two completely different sets of skills. Ideally, an HR director should possess all of them. This is, however, more of an imaginary situation rather than reality. So let’s take a look at things that headhunters and recruiters do differently in terms of functions,…


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LinkedIn Profile versus Traditional Resume: What Is More Effective?

When you Google your name, is LinkedIn among first links that appear? If not, then you absolutely must consider creating your professional image using LinkedIn ­- a powerful tool for getting hired today.

Compare a having both a resume and LinkedIn profile to a winning partnership, where both sides are in harmony with each other. Each part is integral,…


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What to do Before and During a Job Interview

The goal of any candidate at a job interview is to impress the interviewer by demonstrating the relevant knowledge and skills, asking appropriate questions and showing the depth of preparation. By asking relevant questions, you will show that you not only came to find out what the company can offer you, but also took time to think how useful you…


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5 Tricky Questions You May be Asked During a Job Interview

Smart recruiters will always find a way to fish out your secrets. These may seem quite ordinary questions that are often asked at job interviews, while, in fact, these are true pitfalls used to throw up grey areas in an employee’s professional life. Here is the list of the trickiest questions to help you think over appropriate answers.

Tell me about…


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How to Find a Perfect Candidate

If you are an experienced “head hunter”, you, probably, had the problem of too many applications for one position. And most of these applications are not qualified or even just horrible, actually. So, it is very…


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Get The Most Of Your LinkedIn Profile With These Quick Tips

LinkedIn, the third most popular social network after Facebook and Twitter, was launched back in 2003. Now, it is commonly used to search for jobs as well as deserving candidates. Human resources specialists are probably the most active on this network, discovering all the features and options it offers, but you as a regular user can also apply a few tricks to tweak…


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How to Schedule Your Candidate Interviews Effectively

Scheduling the best interview time for you and your candidate is a kind of a challenge. They lob a time over to you, you lob it back over to them, and so until you come to an agreement.  

In today’s job market, the competition for top talents has increased significantly. If you manage your interviews ineffectively, the process will slow down, and…


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Negative Thought Patters to Avoid before the Interview

Sometimes, we all start falling into panic and let bad thoughts capture our mind without being aware of how destructive these thoughts can be. We only start realizing it when we fail and nothing can be changed. Looking back at the past we replay the situation over and over again and understand that but for negative thinking everything might…


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What Is Modern Recruitment Marketing Team

The modern recruitment marketing team is firm or agency that can help you in discovering talented marketing professionals to join your business. Marketing is an important aspect of any business and it is therefore vital for a business owner or company to select marketing professionals with considerable care. The modern recruitment marketing team can help you…


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How Can Corporate Culture Attract and Keep an Employee Interested

Finding professional and talented employee is as difficult as a job-hunting process. Not only job-seekers try hard to show their worth to get hired. Companies don’t relax either. Their task is to attract qualified specialist and keep him interested. And while some companies count on wages as their basic argument, others establish corporate culture and offer an employee its…


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8 Hits for a Recruiter-Workaholic to Finally See Family and Daylight

HR-managers are quite demanded folks these days. Professionals of great caliber are usually overloaded with duties, assignments and board meetings. No room to breathe, no room to take your 8-year-old kid to the zoo. Deep inside you hope you’re a superhero, an x-man, or prodigy, coping with plenty of tasks better than anyone else. But, as a rule, workaholics are…


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Behaviors that Build Trust

Are you a new person on a new job? Trying to become one of the collective? Believe it is worth trying. Good relationships between colleagues are very important. Here is the list of some best practices and behaviors for building trust. So, the first thing you should remember is that being trustworthy is obligatory, other important points are described…


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5 Resume Writing Mistakes That Will Cost You a Potential Job Offer (According to Google)

From a recruiter to PHP developer, everyone needs a resume. It’s not a very pleasant writing activity, and someone might even hate the very guts of it, still a solid resume must be forwarded, if you want to land a classy job with tons of money in the paycheck, sky-high prestige, comfy office, first-class social package, sexy secretary and a smart boss, who’s not…


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Tips for Successful Employee Recruiting

It is always difficult to find someone that will fit your workspace, company, and the whole organization. And it is very hard to keep them. You should do some right things for that. You should have some specific knowledge to recruit and retain all the talented people you need. So, here you have few main tips to do that.   …


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