On Time for India: Slowly I turned…Inch by inch…foot by foot, yard by yard

2 hours to takeoff. Leaving 8:45pm from Newark tonight and landing 9:30PM in New Delhi….Monday (would be 9PM but they are 10 and a half hours ahead. 14 hours in the air.

Safely ensconsed at the moment in Continental’s Int’l Club.
Passport and visa. Check
Money. Check
Intinerary and Emergency #s. Check
Extra reading material for when I get bored studying India and tune in to the latest Patterson thriller. Check.
Tech Equip. Check.
Headphones w whitenoise. Check.
Medicines and extra clothes in carryon. Check
100 Straws stolen from 7-11. Check. Don’t ask.
Credit cards. Check. Almost missed giving them notice that I’ll be travreling a using credit cards in India. Tried calling from car on the way to the airport. Works fine until they say “please key in your 15 digit number” as the light is fading in the western sky. You only need tob know that I safgely arrived at the airport.

Call both grandsons to tell them I’m off to India. Check . Brendon is 10 and already knows everything about India- as only 10 year olds can. Charlie is officially 1 year old today. We celebtrated his birthday yesterday.

I’m about 4 hours behind the rest of the HR dlegation who are leaving leaving from a New York airport. I chose to go Continental rather then Air India so I can upgrade. Unfotunately, while I’m confirmed first class returning home, I got bumped by folks with more miles going out (what is above platinum?).

Still, I was prepared for a coach trip out – I at least got a larger seat by an exit door and, if I get at all antsy I’ll try and remember all those flights to China and Australia when I didn’t have my own built in entertainment center . Really, how can you not pass the time?

Arriving in Delhi I expect to be met and transported to The Grand, New Delhi where the delegation is staying for the first few days. Tuesday is a full day with a morning meeting with the Management Developmenty Institute and an afternoon with IBM. I’ll try to review each day at the end perhaps blogging at the bar with the idea of meeting up with a few recruitingblogs member not on our formal agenda.

btw Whose line is the title to this blog and where were they going?

Until then

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