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Keeping Candidates Warm: Do the Cons outweigh the Pros?

My CareerXroads business partner, Mark Mehler, got this short and well-written email this morning from a candidate who was just stumped and a bit frustrated by what is still a typical and traditional recruiting practice.

I'll let you read it, then describe the results and a point or two.

Good Morning Mark,

I was chatting with (Mark’s oldest daughter) last night.  While catching up,…


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The Candidate's Experience: Is it just Smoke and Mirrors?

I'm planning to be at RecruitFest in Boston on the day before it opens (I'm taking Amtrak up from NJ). So, Wednesday night (perhaps at a wine bar) and, again Thursday during the day I'll be looking for a lively discussion on the pros and cons of the Candidate Experience. I might bring a poster like the one above. Then again, maybe not.…


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Tip of the Hat to N'awlins 5 years Later
Katrina changed me forever...but I Am Still New Orleans...

I'm going to play this new song by Vince Vance laced with his haunting refrain (above) this weekend and hoist a few to my favorite city. Recruiting may not be synonymous with New Orleans but it's workforce challenges can be found in…

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From Where I Sit...There Are a Lot of Empty Seats

I flew United for the first time in a decade last week. It was a lesson in customer as well as candidate experience I won't forget anytime soon.

The customer service people were very nice. When I stepped up before boarding and told them I normally fly Continental- had in fact booked my ticket through Continental but my mileage (50-100k per year for the last decade) and status weren't highlighted on the ticket as they should be and then asked whether 1st class had all…

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How prepared are you to handle a candidate who happens to be disabled?

I'm looking for some baseline practices (present or absent) in the recruiting process that impacts how we welcome...or not... people who may be eminently qualified but happen to have a visible disability. This survey should take 10 minutes

Assuming someone got far enough to reach a corporate or third party recruiter via phone, tty, etc. I give most recruiters the benefit of the doubt and assume they have sufficient… Continue

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India. Check. Final Thoughts

I went to India to check off one more country on my “bucket list” (not that I plan to kick the bucket anytime soon mind you but I’ve always had a long list of adventures to experience and this is one of the last countries on it).

My colleagues on this trip and I all recognized that the ten days we spent in 3 cities barely scratched the surface of India’s current business practices, culture and history. Ten years wouldn’t be sufficient, but we made the most of our moment and hope that… Continue

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Shopping, Gandhi and IIT Bombay

From the beginning of our trip through Monday night’s farewell dinner, our 19 SHRM delegates and guests had little time off – clocking 14 hours on occasion but, not all of it was taking meetings.

Sunday we were tourists (three of our days in India- counting our trip to the Taj, were devoted to tourist activities) and a few of us “shopped til we dropped” whenever we had a chance to do so.

(About the buying of India’s wares, I’m sworn to secrecy- with the holiday season upon… Continue

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Education is what is left after you’ve forgotten what you memorized.

Saturday morning we arrived at Welingkar’s Business School in Mumbai (WE) and entered a room filled with students at tables off to the side but empty tables in front of us (and no professors or deans in sight). Our delegation only hesitated a moment before China Gorman said it was all right to go sit with them and we did. Eventually the deans showed up but the casual style of engagement for the next several hours that we spent with the students was set.

The time spent here was a… Continue

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Friday's Leadership Forum in Mumbai

Friday our delegation attended and participated in a conference as high powered and as rich in content as any I’ve ever been to…and I've been to more than a few.

The 1-day meeting, Leadership Next, was produced and managed by SHRM’s India staff. It was promoted as a summit on leadership for business and HR execs and 150 very senior managers were in the room. Included among them was the new head of GE Capital, Anish Shah and Arun Nando of Mahindra & Mahindra (who, I was told by… Continue

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#SHRMIndia Short Stack of Pics

I've taken over 1000 pictures most of which will never see the light of day, are understandable only with some explanation like a picture of a dish of chutney where I made the chef explain his personal recipe using lemon and toasted spices that short circuited my taste buds this morning.

I arrived fresh

Meeting with MDI faculty and students on Monday. China gorman sits between the Dean and a professor emeritus, Dr. Singh…


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A Tear On The Cheek of Time

Yesterday I was reminded about of my first visit to China.

During the long drive from the airport to Beijing’s downtown, I marveled at the ability of the Chinese [gov’t] to hide thousands of its poorest citizens behind a never ending array of ingenious landscaping devices- miles of carefully planted trees and plants, well positioned walls and mounds, all designed to obscure our view of ordinary people going about their daily lives.

Regardless of China’s motivation for… Continue

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India: New Twists on Social Responsibility, Availability and Co-existance

Up at 7an Tuesday morning. Our delegation’s 1st “work” day lasted 13 hour (note to self on feedback form to ask for an afternoon wine break). Now, back at the hotel late at night, I'm having that nightcap in a quiet corner. Everyone else has headed up.

By mid-morning I was at Delhi’s Management Development Institute that is noted for its MBA, PHD, Business and HR programs at the graduate level producing 900 graduates a year. (The bus ride there and all thsat entails is still being… Continue

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The Omens are Good

Arrived Delhi 9pm last night. Refresehed.

I checked in to Newark and my boarding pass read "Seat 20A Window". At least it was in an exit row. Walked up to the friendliest flight attendant just before boarding and, with all the smile I could muster (as if that would make a difference), said, "Just checking to see if miracles really happen". She looked up, smiled and said "if your name is...(then looked quickly down at a ticket) Gerald Thomas Crispin they do".

Yes!!! Scored… Continue

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On Time for India: Slowly I turned…Inch by inch…foot by foot, yard by yard

2 hours to takeoff. Leaving 8:45pm from Newark tonight and landing 9:30PM in New Delhi….Monday (would be 9PM but they are 10 and a half hours ahead. 14 hours in the air.

Safely ensconsed at the moment in Continental’s Int’l Club.

Passport and visa. Check

Money. Check

Intinerary and Emergency #s. Check

Extra reading material for when I get bored studying India and tune in to the latest Patterson thriller. Check.

Tech Equip. Check.

Headphones w whitenoise.… Continue

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Making a list and checking it twice: -4 Days and Counting

Time: I’ve learned over the last decade that by changing my watch to the local time before a long flight, I can reduce jet lag to nothing (don’t know about you but it works for me). The trick is pretending it is the time zone you are going to and acting appropriately. I even try it a day before boarding…but then must remember to make the plane instead of going to bed.

I leave Sunday night for New Delhi, the first stop on our delegation’s itinerary. I just googled the world… Continue

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India: If you were me what would you want to know? (-6 Days and Counting)

India. 1.2 billion people. 600,000 are “unorganized”! Ok, I’ll start there. What does “unorganized” mean? Can that many people actually be off the grid? How do you get “organized” when you start off “unorganized”?

Preparing for my ten-day adventure in India (beginning next Sunday) means collecting information from lots of sources. Too much, too early and my learning will color my senses when I’m on the ground. I’ll have too much baggage to be an effective observer. I want as few… Continue

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I'm Thankful Thanksgiving is a holiday

Thanksgiving is my favorite day.

Today is November 25 2009. It is the night before Thanksgiving. 38 years ago, Thanksgiving fell on November 25 and, on that morning, in the middle of a snow storm, I was married in small chapel in an inner city hospital to a nurse, Diane, who had Thanksgiving off. As did I! As an orderly working his way through grad school during the early 70's, the world was a very different place...don't get me started. Diane and I had been dating since… Continue

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