Onboarding New Hires? 5 Questions That Leaders Ask

The first month of a new hire is not only crucial for her but also for the organization and its teams. This became even more challenging for global business strategy leaders during the pandemic as onboarding went remote.

If you lead a team or an organization, it’s highly likely that you have been involved in the hiring process.

Here we take a look at the 5 questions that seasoned leaders ask from new hires during the onboarding process. These are reflective of the good instincts and a holistic approach to problem-solving that leaders employ. Before we delve into the questions, we understand the fundamental aspect in which leaders’ approach to new employee management differs from that of managers.

Leaders dive into the problem, managers walk past it.

Leaders in their strategy framework adhere to the idea of leading people.

The approach of managers usually is to get the work done – then it may or may not mean addressing the problem from its root.  It’s not to say that managers don’t seek to resolve the problems. But often they try to rush for solutions – without even fully understanding the problem at times.

Celebrated and successful leaders, on the other hand, don’t run from the problems but take them heads on and try to understand them, which makes them strong and their methods robust.

While managers’ aim is to embrace the process, leaders don’t shy away from disrupting the process if the need be.

This basic difference between their approach speaks volumes about their management styles. And that’s what makes leaders different from managers. In that vein, here’re 5 questions leaders ask new hires that managers do not.  

5 Questions Leaders Ask New Hires after First 4 Months

According to global business strategy leaders, expressing your concern and care to new employees about their experience at work and the problems troubling them is a critical driver of good employee performance.

For leaders, in turn, the new hire is like a mirror – a reflection back into the organization – of how they are doing and the aspects they may have become blind to.

As a leader, ask these questions to judge the success of your hire and organizational culture.  

  1. How do you feel about this place?

The culture of an organization is heavily reflected in its communication. Business leaders believe that an initial few months of a new hire can be a great learning experience for executives into the organization’s culture and strategy framework

Asking new hires how they feel can give away a lot about an organization. Their responses can show if an organization is working with energy and purpose, or if it’s reeking telling signs of bad company culture.

  1. Could you spot any opportunities for your skills and abilities to add value?

Asking what place new hires think they can take within the organization is an apt inquiry after a month. What could and could not be my role – is a discussion often overlooked after recruiting, and global business strategy leaders believe it’s a great question to ask.

It reflects individuals’ understanding of the work and the place, and also if the organization could use reinventing the way it works – uncovering hidden problem areas.

  1. Did you find time to organize with people?

Access to people and leaders within the organization is very important for the growth of an individual in an organization, and to drive performance. This process gives a sense of work and organization to the new employee, creates role models, and sets the tone of how they must behave and what are their priorities.

Global business strategy leaders affirm that in places where leaders are inaccessible, usually managers and team leads are too.

  1. How can I support you in your deliverables?

People don’t easily ask for help. This is true for more situations than it may seem. When leadership asks this question of new hires, they uncover the bridge of support that the employee may not have assumed existed. Along with the employee, it also helps leaders in giving insights into the challenges new employees may be facing from the organization.

  1. What’s the one thing I could have done to better support you in settling in your first month?

A rare but impactful question asked by true leaders.

After a few weeks into the new role, humble and problem-solving leaders tend to be open in their inquiry about employee’s experiences. They stop to ask if there is something they could have done, and they have not. This simple question can do a lot in easing down a new employee’s struggles and encouraging her to work to the best of her capabilities.

Leadership is at the heart of better employee performance. Understanding the right business strategy frameworks will help emerging leaders and managers become great leaders for their teams and organization. Advance into your new roles with advanced strategy certifications from The Strategy Institute.

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