Give a Happy "Hello!" in the Morning

You should not plot into your office with your eyes down, and shoulders slumped. It is not very necessary for you to start working immediately. Your coworkers may ignore or avoid you if you do something like that. Get yourself a habit of smiling and greeting every colleague in the morning and during all day.

Learn the Art of Small Talk

It is very useful to talk to each other. Ask your coworkers about their day or yesterday evening. You should talk about their and yours interests. Talk about music, movies, games and books. If you show your interest, people will feel comfortable with you. And at the same time this will get yourself comfortable too.

Ask What They Think

Yes, everyone loves to be asked about their opinion. It makes people feel them necessary. You should ask your coworkers about you working moments, some news and things like that. You may ask about how you should behave in a certain situation, ask some advice. And don’t forget to thank even if the ideas are less than helpful.

Sidestep the Gossip Mill

Don’t about people behind their back. You don’t want them to do so, yes? So, you should be an example for others. When you hear some gossip information about romances and failures, you should say “Really?” and change the subject immediately. This will save your colleagues’ trust and respect to you.

Pretend Your Kids are Watching

Don’t forget your manners. You teach your children to be mannerly, so you should practice what you preach. Try to visualize ‘kids are watching” when you are talking to some difficult coworker.

Ladle Out the Compliments

This is an important weapon you can use to become friends and to get respect not only from women, but from men too. Don’t forget to mention someone’s success. You will be generous and not too proud of yourself in their eyes. Don’t focus on what people are doing wrong.

Return Calls and Emails Promptly

To learn good office etiquette is very important. You should not ignore your coworkers’ and partners’ phone calls and emails. People can feel themselves unimportant to you.

Give Credit Where Credit is Due

Try to build one happy family where everyone is important. You should help your coworker, and they will do the same for you.

Always Work as Hard as Anyone Working for You

If you are the boss, try not to ask people to do a level you can’t do yourself.

About the Author

My name is Ann Aldrich, and I am a recruiting specialist at a local American IT company. It is very important for me to feel comfortable at my workspace. My productivity depends on it, especially when I do my part-time writing job training sudents to write papers at So, the first thing I realized is that you don’t have to be friends with your coworkers. The right words and mood is “friendly”. So, I share with you few main tips to make your work a kinder, gentler place.

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