Succeeding In a Job Interview: Learn a Few Rules of the Game

How many times have you left the office after an interview feeling that you haven’t done your best? Roughly a half of all job-seekers get too nervous about the entire procedure and fail to impress. Here are a few rules one should stick to when preparing and going to a job interview.


1. Do your homework. The rule seems obvious, but in fact thorough preparation goes beyond knowing the name of the company and the position you’re applying for. Go through its history and be ready to answer why exactly you want to become a part of their team. Also it will be efficient to learn the hierarchy and plan what position you will be having in five years (just in case they ask). Be sure to be quite ambitions but realistic.


2. Arrive a bit early to have the time to calm down, visit the restroom and set yourself for the right mood.


3. Take your time to sit comfortably on a chair you were offered and keep still. Any shifting will mean that you are nervous, and being nervous means being unconfident. The same rule applies to different unconscious movements such as taking on and off your watch, fumbling something in your hands, etc.  If you don’t radiate confidence, then at least don’t send out waves of anxiety.


4. If asked why you left your previous position, stick to something tolerant and avoid being negative. Say you were exploring new opportunities or had to relocate. You will impress no one by trashing your ex-boss. And most likely your potential employee will not appreciate it.


5. If asked about your negative traits, name something positive but a bit exaggerated like ‘overly responsible’ or ‘unable to stop until you finish work’. Hide your real negative qualities deep inside and never let them out.


6. Do not rush forward asking questions. You will have a chance to find out what you need when the interviewer prompts you to.  Until then, answer briefly and stay focused. Don’t ramble about your relatives and personal life unless it is related directly to the topic of your discussion.


7. Emphasize on qualities one need to take the position in question. Also, always say you are good with people – almost any job requires some kind of communication, and confessing your being an introvert won’t help.


All in all, try to be calm and confident. Drink herbal tea if necessary. Picture your interviewer doing stupid things. Whatever makes you calm, go for it. Stay focused and believe in yourself – these are the main things to keep in mind. 

About the Author:

Ann Aldrich is recruiting specialist working in the American IT company. She also performs part-time job in order to improve the student’s writing skill at She eagerly shares her experience as recruiter and provides her readers with tips how to pass a job interview. 

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