Principles Learned In A Dale Carnegie Course

Tonight I rejoined the Dale Carnegie course this time as a coach rather than as a student. It is quite amazing how life opens interesting doors that propel us forward. Networking is so powerful, as I undertake this latest opportunity, it would appear that the New Year is vital, strong, full of promise, indeed challenges do lie ahead in this economy but nothing can stop desire, real luck and patient resolve.

In 5 years as a HR professional, I see myself having grown in leaps and bounds. I made choices propelling myself to interesting places, along the way it has had moments of very interesting opportunities, among which was this one.

My mom gave me the gift of Dale Carnegie, that was one of the best things she could have done. At a time when I needed it most, I could see the power of something of this magnitude can have on a career.

That was 7 months ago. During that time I joined Solutions Partners, finding this to be a choice that made a major difference in my professional life. Feeling the power of faith renewed within me, I went to work each week feeling the momentum from the DC class making a difference in this stubborn man of 30 years. When I attended I felt invigorated and ready to take on the world. When I did not have the class regularly I noticed a distinct difference in my mental readiness and aptitude. Also my attitude.

Prying out of myself what I am capable of I can see the power of faith that comes to one who opens the doors of the future by learning and applying lessons from the past. Roaring to life, letting the engine move itself onward, these are days of incredible hopes and applications. I am so excited about the next 3 months and learning, that I want to make DC a regular tradition, participating in 2 classes each year at least.

I wonder in the New Year what doors will open, which ones will close, and which ones will remain pushing me onward. There is no doubt what networking and what hopes will come from DC. I can make a difference in my situation, I can find a way to propel myself onward if only I have the deepening resolve to make a huge difference.

At times the remarkable instinct of inward propulsion known as consciense lets you know where your efforts should be focused. It never ceases to amaze me that life is one round after another of opportunities to find growth, enhanced knowledge.

I look for this resolve in candidate resumes, if they have somewhere on their resume their professional association listed, I think that this tells volumes about the caliber of individual. So to myself I must apply the same exact promise.

I am a member of my professional associations, the biggest and most effective of which is DC. Nowhere are there values as timeless as long lasting, as incredibly powerful. Dale Carnegie had it down. I am rereading his book, which speaks of daytight compartments, living in the day, at the moment, in the midst of challenge keeping an eye on the goal and tackling what you can "that" day.

Dale Carnegie principles can enhance and invigorate a recruiting function. These principles are at the heart of successful recruiting. I beleive and know that to be true.

As I undertake to be a DC coach I think I will learn more about myself than I will teach the mentees that I work with. I see incredible changes and opportunities ahead, with amazing amounts of success awaiting in the New Year.

Happy Holidays one and all.

In DC we talked about a vision statement, and I thought how appropriate, a little summary about where I want to be in 3 months and what I will achieve in that time. Let the New Year begin, and let it be full of promise. With DC anything is possible!

I have already invited my Manager to sit down and discuss my Dale Carnegie "Vision" and "Mission" statement, a guide that will make 2009 the best in this young man's career. Cheers to a New Year, a New way of looking at things, and a DC class that makes all the difference!

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