Reasons to Choose Psychology or Thank You, Professor Gregory!

I am a successful businessman who runs own Psychological consultancy and mental disorders lab today. But it was not always this way. That is why, I just wanted to say thank you God and my talented Professor Gregory Walsh for the perfect course and valuable experience I obtained in Psychology. I should admit that I took this discipline only to complete my academic requirements at first, but I had no idea of how deep the art of understanding people and analyzing their actions is.

Why study Psychology?

Within the first week, I realized it as one of my favorite courses at our university. Moreover, I came up to the conclusion that many jobs require solid Psychology skills to survive in terms of modern dynamic environment. For this assignment, I would like to recall my Professor from Judson University to who I am thankful for turning my life in the United States for a better.

A story of immigrant life

Coming from Saudi Arabia, it was extremely difficult for me to find a common speech with the local population, especially with my more democratic and independent peers. I could not get American culture when I focused on our differences. Thanks to my Professor, I managed to concentrate on what all nations have in common. Thus, “when culturally diverse people were shown basic facial expressions, they did fairly well at recognizing them” (Myers 2014). 

When I first moved to Chicago, I had no idea how fast I will cope with the cultural and political differences. Besides, I am a Muslim, while most of the people living here are Christians. There were no students of my religion in the place I used to study, Judson University (Christian college). It made me even more nervous. In my country religion plays a significant role. So, I was afraid I would not handle local customs and traditions. I had no family support, so I needed a mentor. Frankly speaking, I denied most of the American attitudes and behaviors until I understood that we are all human beings with the same problems and needs.

In addition, after studying hierarchy of needs, I am proud to admit that currently I am at the stage of self-actualization with a strong desire for the further development. So, I am at the top of Maslow’s pyramid. I also realized that a successful educational process occurs only when “there is both a need and an incentive” (Myers, 2014).

Once again, it would not be possible without a helping hand of my Professor Gregory Walsh who assisted me in facing various challenges. My peers and I enjoyed passing even the most complicated assignments such as

  • long essays,
  • case studies,
  • term papers,
  • and even huge dissertations.

After learning about the complex universe existing in every human being, I got acquainted with the range of cultural and social things that made me closer to the spirit of freedom OS offers to each newcomer. I get the things best of all by involving associative learning. My Professor changed my attitude towards this country and its population. So, I’ve made my mind to stay and continue my learning here.

Also, he acted as a true psychologist by hearing my problems and helping me to find solutions. For instance, I managed to find my first friends and avoid culturally based conflicts in my school. The things I’ve learned from my Professor worked outside the college as well. Once I was left on the street without any shelter. But my Professor was the only person who found another nice place to live for me and my son.

My final academic destination was to get my Master in Architecture degree. When I first learned my Professor became a Chair of Architecture Department, I was not surprised at all as he always deserved this position due to his kind heart and responsiveness. I wish I could take another amazing class of this Professor called Architecture Studio Design.


About the Author: Ann Aldrich is a known educational and Psychology blogger at and journalist who moved from Saudi Arabia to the United States. She conducts studies to discover the reasons for various mental disorders as well as causes of divorces. Ann also writes for (the company’s name) from time to time.

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