A couple of years ago, Facebook partnered with the U.S. Department of Labor and eventually unveiled its own job board.

Trend watching recruiters took notice and companies like Work4Labs, BranchOut and others now actively use and promote the use of social media to recruit both companies that need workers, and the people who need jobs.

It's not too late to jump on the job boards’ social media bandwagon.

Social media is an effective tool to target new business clients, as well as find people whose skill sets match clients' needs. Are you doing all you can to use this tool to the most advantage?

As the following article looks at, here are a couple of ways to use social media effectively in your recruiting business, as well as 3 lessons job boards can learn from social media sites.

Engage Prospects

There's something about social media sites that creates a relaxed atmosphere.

If you really want to find out about a prospect's true character, engage them on your business social media site. Invite responses, and encourage interaction by asking questions, responding back, and posting often.

Pay attention to who says what. You'll get a pretty good picture of how prospects present themselves to the outside world when you analyze their behavior on your site.

Do Some Digging

It's obvious that you should visit a prospect's personal social media page to see if they are who you think they are, and to avoid any nasty surprises. But beyond that; do some digging on other social media sites and forums.

Doing some surface searches for keywords related to that person's username may turn up, not only more information you can use to recruit them, but possibly associations with other individuals who you might like to recruit as well.

What Job Boards Can Learn From Social Media Sites

1. Make it fun.

Naturally, you want to display a professional image on your business recruiting social media page. But there's no harm in not taking yourself so seriously. A lot can be said for keeping the atmosphere light. Have a little fun, even if it is a business page. Every once in a while, post a clever cartoon or a sarcastic meme that will get visitors to smile and come back. As long as you don't cross the lines of good taste, you're okay.

2. Be there.

Be responsive on your business social media page. Don't make your visitors do all the heavy lifting when it comes to keeping the conversation going. It's not enough to post something and then go MIA for two weeks. Be responsive to show that you're paying attention.

3. Get creative.

Your recruiting page shouldn't always be about recruiting. People have all kinds of interests, and the more you can find out what those interests are, the more likely you are to make good job matches in the future. Get creative with your social media ideas. Hold photo contests for the cutest pet or the prettiest cupcake. Post a short story prompt and ask for submissions of 100 or less to finish the story.

In the end, using social media to your advantage as a recruiter should be more about "them" and less about "you."

The less self-conscious you are, the more you can focus your attention where it belongs - on your clients and your prospects.

Photo credit: Image courtesy of Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

About the Author: Kate Supino writes extensively about best business practices.

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