An Embarrassing Confession (and an awesome eBook)

This is definitely embarrassing to admit but I learned how to ride a bike pretty late in life. By late, I mean I learned on an adult bike when I was about 12 because someone pushed me down a hill.  Hold your giggles, please.

I’ll never forget the exhilaration of realizing “hey! I’m riding a bike”… just seconds before I hit a literal bump in the road and went flying over the handlebars. I slid across the concrete like I was sliding into home base so you can only imagine what I looked like after the fact. Judging by my mother’s look of horror, I was a mess. But despite the scrapes and bruises, I kept riding my bike (uphill, even) and eventually, I wasn’t half bad.

Now, I bring up riding a bike because I think we’ve all heard that phrase “it’s as easy as riding a bike.” I say, bullshit. Learning to ride a bike isn’t so easy (and I have the scars to prove it). I will give bike riding a little credit though – it’s easier than building a content strategy that works for recruiting candidates.  And even though you’re getting older and wiser, like I was at the far-too-old-to-be-learning-to-ride-a-bike age of 12, I bet you’re still a little shaky on figuring out the right balance of branding and education, content and creativity, right?

We’ll save you the trouble of dragging your brand across the metaphorical pavement by using the wrong content with this eBook by our own Matt Charney. This guide will give you simple strategies to make a big impact on your employer brand and candidate attraction initiatives.

Downloading this eBook and figuring out what you should do next is easier than riding a bike, promise. Just click below to get your copy. 

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