Recruiters: To Get Great Candidates, You Must be Relevant

I can't even keep track of how often I get recruited for positions in business development and sales, but it’s gotten to the point where I don’t even want to respond anymore. Sure, the required skill sets are similar to mine, and I could probably be successful in them if I were to make a career move. But my entire work history is in marketing. I love marketing, and anyone who spent the time to look over my background would notice that.

So, when a recruiter reaches out to me for something that’s irrelevant, I realize that they probably didn’t take the time to research my background and what kind of position I’d be interested in. 

Regardless of where you find your candidates, you should at least make sure that your opportunity is in line with their career progression.

A Linkedin poll revealed that about half of the 14,000 respondents didn’t mind getting InMails from recruiters, while the other half didn’t mind as long as they were relevant. To put it another way, half of the respondents would be bothered by receiving an irrelevant offer.

This causes candidates to think less of you, and your company - and reduces the chances that they'll respond to your message now, and in the future. You'll also miss out on the more qualified and interested candidates that they may refer to you.

Instead, do a little research before reaching out so that you’re not being completely irrelevant. Then, ask the candidate what they would consider a great opportunity, to ensure that their goals align with your position, and your company.

Just because you think someone may be interested in your opportunity because their career progression would make sense to you, they may have other plans in mind. So, never assume that you know what a relevant opportunity for any given candidate is. You may find that they’re not interested in the opportunity you’re currently working on, but at least they’ll respond so you can get to know them and place them in a better role for their background and interests.

And here’s a quick bonus tip: Be genuine when you reach out to candidates - you will build their trust, have a higher response rate, and potentially place them and their referrals.

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