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Infographic: Collecting on Backdoor Hires

Do you track your candidates after submitting them to clients? If so, for how long?

Most recruiters follow up with their candidates and clients for about 30 days after submission, but only some take the time to track their candidates throughout their protection period.…


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The Do's and Don'ts of Collecting Missed Placement Fees

Collecting missed placement fees can be a daunting task for recruiters because it's an awkward conversation to have with a client, especially if you have a longstanding relationship with them. Rather than risk damaging the relationship, many recruiters will consider it a cost of doing business and let back door hires…


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Does your Staffing Firm Have an Online Review Strategy?

According to the ASA, only 1 out of 3 staffing firms has an online review strategy. And, for those that do have one, that strategy is generally reactionary. Having worked in marketing for the past decade, I've seen how review sites have grown from underutilized side projects to the incredible marketing tool that they are…


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Increase your Agency's Revenue by 10% - Without Doing 10% More Work

What if I told you that up to 10% of placed job candidates are not detected, resulting in over $1 billion in uncollected placement fees industry-wide?

What if I also told you that missed placements that have been identified within a year have a 78% chance of successful collection?

Would you leave that money on the table, or would you want to know how to…


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Build an Army of Candidate Advocates for your Staffing Firm

According to CareerBuilder's 2014 Opportunities in Staffing report, 90% of candidates will encourage others to work with your firm if they had a positive experience, while 72% of candidates will discourage others from using your firm if they had a bad experience.

Not only…


Added by Jen Dewar on November 21, 2014 at 7:00am — 2 Comments

Recruiters Are From Mars, Job Seekers Are From Venus: Lessons Learned

I found a great infographic from called "Recruiters are from Mars, Job Seekers are from Venus," which gives job seekers some advice to get on the same page as recruiters. While it technically provides advice to job seekers to help them work better with recruiters, I thought there were some good lessons in there for corporate and agency recruiters as well. Read…


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When Great Staffing Tools Unite...

Recruiters move fast. You have to. When a client needed to hire somebody yesterday, the pressure is on you to produce top talent as quickly as possible. Once you produce your rockstar candidate to the client, it's on to the next job order. You'll…


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Survey: 70% of Recruiters Allow Clients To Steal Candidates

UK Recruiter recently completed a survey which revealed that 69% of recruiters submit candidates to their clients without following up, resulting in back…


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The $1 Billion Problem in the Staffing Industry

Every recruiter knows it's bound to happen. At some point, one of your clients will hire one of your candidates without paying you. It's an age old problem in the staffing industry and many recruiters just consider it a cost of doing business.

But you may not realize just how big this problem really is. In case the title didn't give it away, these unidentified hires account for $1 billion dollars in missed placement fees…


Added by Jen Dewar on September 12, 2014 at 6:00am — 4 Comments

To Get Great Candidates (and hires), Communicate!

With all of the candidates you’ve likely found through your job postings, referrals and proactive sourcing methods, it may be a daunting task to try to communicate with all of them. But effective communication is key to keeping your top…


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Don't Lose your Best Candidates Because of your Interview Process

By the time you've created a compelling job description, posted said job description, proactively sourced…


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Get World Class Talent with Relocation Benefits

Great talent is hard to find because the demand outweighs the supply. Especially for tech companies, business is good and they need more software engineers to drive the production they have the demand for.

But they just can’t seem to fill their positions because jobs are being created much faster than they can even meet candidates (let alone interview and hire…


Added by Jen Dewar on February 20, 2014 at 9:00am — 4 Comments

Sourcing Candidates with Twitter's Advanced Search

Twitter is, hands down, my favorite social network. It's a great source of information and learning, and a wonderful way  to connect with people who share similar interests. As a recruiter, it's also great…


Added by Jen Dewar on October 13, 2013 at 2:00pm — 8 Comments

Facebook Recruitment: How Manpower Does It

While I usually encourage corporate recruiting departments to create a separate Facebook Career Page (to build a Talent Community and keep your recruiting messages targeted to that community), staffing companies have the unique benefit of being able to maintain a single page on Facebook. That's because they don't necessarily need to separate their messages between clients and candidates.

Manpower has really made the most out of their …


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The Best Known "Secret" to Hiring Great Candidates, Faster

It's time to hire. So you write a killer job description, post it on the job boards, source additional candidates online, and maybe even work with a staffing agency to get great people…


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Recruiters: To Get Great Candidates, You Must be Relevant

I can't even keep track of how often I get recruited for positions in business development and sales, but it’s gotten to the point where I don’t even want to respond anymore. Sure, the required skill sets are similar to mine, and I could probably be successful in them if I were to make a career move. But my entire work history is in marketing. I love marketing, and anyone who spent the time to look over my background would notice that.

So, when a recruiter reaches out to me for…


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3 Reasons to Use an App to Post Jobs on Facebook

If Facebook is part of your recruitment strategy, you probably already know there are several ways to post jobs on Facebook. You can post jobs to your personal Facebook network, or to a business page. But did you know that using an app to post jobs on Facebook can help you get better results? Read on for 3 reasons you should use an app to post jobs on Facebook.…


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Post Jobs on Facebook Marketplace (it's free!)

As more job seekers are starting to find jobs on Facebook, employers are increasing their presence to have the largest reach possible. A great way to extend reach and drive additional traffic to your job postings is by listing your open positions on Facebook Marketplace.

It's really simple to…


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What motivates employees to participate in ERP?

Sticky HQ did a survey to find out what motivates employees to participate in your Employee Referral Program, and found that the highest ranked incentive was a simple public recognition. As a close second, money…


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Use Facebook Recruitment to Attract Employee Referrals

Facebook can be a great way to ask employees for referrals, as well as for your employees to find referrals. As a best practice, you should also allow those candidates to apply directly on Facebook. If you take any part of the process off of Facebook, you may find that they loose interest. If you’re going to ask people to reach out to their Facebook network of friends…


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