Recruiting Employees with YouTube: How it Works

Recruiting talented employees in today's connected world means appealing to them through more than just job board postings. It means launching a multi-faceted campaign that highlights not just a particular job opportunity but also why your business's culture is attractive to employees.

After all, today's employees expect more than just a paycheck from their jobs. They also expect to have an enriching, growth-oriented experience that will allow them to enjoy a high level of personal satisfaction.

Reaching out to potential employees via a variety of media, including YouTube, can be a great way to build brand prestige and attract the talent that you most want to hire.

Using YouTube to Recruit Employees: How it Works

Whether or not you've ever used it for recruiting purposes, you're likely familiar with YouTube. The popular video platform, now owned by Google, is considered the second-most used search engine in the world. Even those who prefer Google for searches are shown relevant YouTube videos directly on the results page, allowing even greater exposure for those companies that choose to post branding, advertising and recruiting content on the video giant.  

In terms of recruiting employees, YouTube is a powerful platform that can be used to accomplish three primary goals:

  1. Videos actively engage job seekers so that they better understand your company's history, mission and products.
  2. Videos show off your workplace to potential employees so that they can get a better taste of the work environment your company offers.
  3. Videos allow you to create conversations with current employees that can convince job seekers to pursue opportunities with your company.

While not all companies use YouTube for recruiting efforts, doing so is becoming more and more popular. For example, the Nu Skin company actively uses YouTube not only to promote their products but also to highlight a wide variety of employment opportunities. Search YouTube using "Nu Skin employment" and you'll find videos about employees working at the company's conventions and call centers. You'll also find videos posted by independent consultants who rave about working with Nu Skin. 

Of course, crafting successful recruiting content on YouTube isn't just about filming your employees while they work. It's about creating a multi-dimensional conversation that allows job seekers to truly understand the opportunities they'll enjoy at your company. By honestly highlighting what happens inside your company, you're more likely to attract candidates who are a good fit for your culture. In the long run, doing so can help increase employee satisfaction while reducing costly turnover. Keep your eye on the three primary goals of YouTube-based recruiting for success.

Drive Engagement

The first objective of YouTube recruiting videos should always be to engage job seekers. This means avoiding boring, lecture-like formats and instead opting for fast-paced, informative content. Choose three to five key features of your company to highlight in each video. You can use a combination of photo stills, videos, animations and charts to communicate your message. Ask managers from the departments for which you're hiring to contribute content or to narrate your videos.

Show Off Your Workplace

Does your office have a really cool break space or great views of the urban landscape around you? Show these off in your videos. It's important to give potential employees a realistic picture of where they'll be working, but you shouldn't focus on offices and cubicles alone. Think of your workplace videos as a guided tour of your office that you'd be proud for both job seekers and brand loyalists to watch.

Connect with Current Employees

You may ask managers to narrate videos, but it's also essential to let your employees speak for themselves. Post weekly spots that highlight a stellar employee or that document a cool workplace gathering. After all, there's no better way to attract someone to your company's culture than with real people. With YouTube, doing so is both convenient and cost effective.

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Comment by Katrina Kibben on October 24, 2014 at 11:49am

I think the people struggle with the most in taking video on as part of the recruitment strategy is that they think every video has to be perfect, and it doesn't. Sometimes your outtakes are more attractive to candidates than your perfect (read: stiff, boring) videos.

Thanks for sharing!


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