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Recruitment is considered as an essential part for building a strong team. Organizations build talent acquisition teams to scale out the qualified candidates and source them for long term engagement in the organization. Earlier the recruitment process comprised tracking applications, scheduling interviews and contacting candidates one on one. Which initially consumed a lot of time of the human resources team. 

With the introduction of recruitment software the time consuming process tamed down. With time these software evolved to provide better solutions. One of the major developments that has been witnessed with time is automation of these processes.

Let’s take a few little steps to understand to understand how automation has enhanced recruitment software and made hiring easier than ever:

The basic step to gain better understanding is by gaining a better insight into “what is automated recruitment software?"

Automated recruitment software aims to make the task of talent acquisition teams easier. It effectively automates the process of sourcing qualified candidates. The advanced technology of these applications provide predictive analysis for three of the imperative steps namely:

  • Screening 
  • Pre interview applications 
  • Interviews 

Here it explains how automation of recruitment software indulges these tools in smoothening the process:

Sourcing platforms 

Organizations keep a track on different platforms to source candidates. As candidates keep looking for jobs on various platforms, one huge advantage of automated application is the ability to post requirements of various positions on different platforms at one go. It diminishes the struggle of copy pasting descriptions from one source to another. The team can focus on tasks in building tests and rounds of interview while the automated applications continue to advertise job posts online. It expands the pool of candidates enabling a wide range of options to pull in the best fit for the organization. 

Identifying the talent within the organization 

Any job serves as a saviour in difficult times. Having said that, sometimes an individual starts to work for a position which helps him/her grow but might lack in utilizing the potential. A well built talent acquisition pool can navigate the talent within the organization. The employees can match according to their skills and apply for the position without the hassle of sending company wide emails. 

Recruiting internally within the existing organization improves retention. The advanced application allows integration with the existing HRMS software to generate data. It derives to keep track of the upgraded skills. It ensures that the recruitment in the superior or middle management. As hiring employees within the organization fosters a positive culture establishing the platform where his/her abilities are recognized and rewarded for the hard work. 

Automated filtering of resumes 

Once the application is published on every platform. Applications start to pour in hundreds. Automated recruitment software filters resumes in bulk and notifies the employer of the qualified candidates reducing the struggle of going through each CVs. The recruitment team can update the selected candidates to proceed with the second round of applications.

Virtual onboarding 

Irrespective of a sheveled economy, organizations have even recruited candidates in different fields. The pandemic has introduced a new world of work along with a new mode of recruitment. Automated recruitment software initiated tools to execute for online recruitment and onboarding. It allows the selected candidates to keep track of the status of the application. The selected candidates can accept an offer letter by digitally signing the document and proceed with the onboarding process. 

Virtual onboarding might not seem a new procedure. As digital transformations have marked the beginning of a new generation since ages. But the pandemic has paced the development in this front. 

Integrated onboarding process

The automated software streamline onboarding process. It allows the selected candidates to accept the offer letter online. Once the candidate has accepted the offer he/she can login to the portal with the assistance of the credentials generated by the IT team. he/she can upload documents such as certificates and identity card that legally establishes the stated qualification on the resume. It integratedly assembles the data in HRMS and payroll software. The team can easily cross verify the documents and minimize scope of error.

These are a few of the activities that are successfully chartered with automated application. Let’s dig a little deeper and list the benefits of the automated recruitment software:

  • Enhanced productive recruitment 

The software provides a solution to the long tiresome procedure of recruitment. It saves time and effort of the entire talent acquisition team.

  • Improvised talent pool

An automated recruitment software saves enough time from misaligning resumes. It helps the organization to expand the platforms to source candidates. It helps in analyzing and developing plans to attain an increased retention rate of the employee. As this ensures long term engagement of the employees.

  • Unbiased

Recruitment on the basis of data generated from the software has no scope of biased decisions. With automated procedures achieving diversity in the workplace becomes easier.

Few of the long term benefits that has been witnessed after installation of automated recruitment software 

Accelerated time:

With automation the talent acquisition team will have enough space to fill in. the team can brainstorm new ideas to pool in for betterment of the organization.

Reduced cost per hire

It decreases the cost as the activities are automated, the requirement of hired hands is diminished.

Insight in key metrics 

Data generated from these applications assists in analyzing newer prospects and making critical decisions for the organization. 

The above mentioned pointers are a few of the benefits of automated recruitment software. Besides speeding up the recruitment process it enhanced the quality of the team. It provides an ample amount of time for the team to build new strategies in scaling the passive candidates. The HR team is saved from the hassle of framing a checklist for the newly hired. As they will have everything they need along with the security access to the building. In the present scenario, the employee will be equipped with credentials to login along with the gadgets provided by the organization.

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