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Expense Management System: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

HR managers and professionals have a lot on their shoulders, so they're interested in automating essential but tedious tasks. 

Are you still trying to manage your company's expenses with an excel sheet? In a finance book? 

There's no doubt that those methods are too old, and they are not doing you any favors; 

When a company has a disorganized expense management system, it negatively impacts productivity, the morale of your workers, and eventually your…


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Gratuity Calculator, Importance and Benefits

Under the Payment of Gratuity Act 1972, Gratuity is a sum of money paid by an employer to their employee for services rendered in the company for five or more years.

Gratuity is offered to employees for recognizing their services and can be considered as a benefit to aid employees after his/her retirement.

Gratuity Criteria…


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How Can Payroll Management Systems Improve Employee Experience?

In today’s time, employee experience is one of the key factors that build fruitful customer relationships. Companies that offer delightful employee experiences acquire more success along the way. Now, there are several methods/strategies to improve the employee experience. One such approach is efficient payroll management.…


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How HRMS Facilitates Enhanced Productivity While Working Remotely?

The coronavirus pandemic has completely transformed the work dynamics in India. With working individuals shifting from office setups to remote working, the productivity levels of employees have been greatly impacted. This has called for the emergence of technology in the corporate world. Looking at the drop in productivity levels of employees, more and more companies are relying on automated HR-tech more than ever before. A good number of businesses in India…


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All You Need to Know about Recruitment

Recruitment in every organization plays an essential role. It helps in building the team of the organization. There are often questions about recruitment that need to be answered in order to provide a better understanding of the organization. With time technological advancements have evolved with new equipment to bed the necessities to recruit virtually. Having said that, recruitment is a tedious process. There are often various basic questions on recruitment.…


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What is HRIS integration? Read to know!

Integration is an essential element that has catered focus during pandemic. Managing the workforce with the existing applications is a tedious task. Imagine working on various applications, uploading data from one application to another manually, sounds tedious, right!

Integration plays as the saviour in such situations. Integrating applications saves the team from workload. However, integration can be perplexing.…


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How To Simplify Your Recruitment Management?

When we talk about hiring, the first thing that comes to mind is HRs and recruiters going crazy posting job advertisements, managing applications, and much more. Let’s face it, manual methods and outdated tools make recruitment management tedious and cumbersome. HR managers invest a great deal of time and effort to get the right people for the company. Need to mention, the COVID-19 pandemic has made this routine process more complicated and difficult as…


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5 Reasons To Use Online Recruitment Software While Working Remotely

Without any doubt, the coronavirus pandemic will always be remembered as an event that not just disrupted the world but also changed the way businesses function. It is no news that the past few months have been acutely challenging. The second wave of COVID-19 skewed the talent supply with a ratio favoring supply over demand. Truth be told, changes that were expected to take years happened at warp speed, happening within months. All thanks to…


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“What” , “Why” and “How” of employee engagement software

Employee engagement software has gained immense attention in recent times. With the pandemic, employee engagement became a challenging task. As remote mode of work diminishes the scope of interaction within office premises. In such a situation, the human resource team needs to invest more effort to encourage employee engagement. …


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How Does AI Play an Important Role in Performance Evaluation?

“ AI will augment HR and give HR time to work on more strategic business issues, The opportunity is to use AI to streamline HR manual processes and provide a more consumer grade service to the employees”

                                                                          -Jeanne Meister, Co-author , the future workplace…


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Top trends of Workforce Management 2021

Scope for improvement in workspace is a never ending process. With new evaluations of the present and peek into the future the room for better employee satisfaction is persistent. Workforce management plays a vital role in increasing efficiency of the team. Technological advancements have introduced new trends that are incorporated for better results. …


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3+ 1 Tips for Pivoting to a Virtual Recruitment Process

Coronavirus leading to complete lockdown has resulted in transition from office to work from home. There were organizations that had facilitated the employees to work from home but with limitations. Complete functioning from a remote location has never been experienced before. Organizations tend to hire new employees with increasing workload. It is inevitable that hiring an employee involves various layers of planning and action. These activities required higher efficiency when executed on…


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5 essential elements to include in an offer letter

Offer letter is bound to entice any potential candidate with excitement and enthusiasm for upcoming opportunities with the new organization. Having said that it becomes evident for the organization to consider certain elements to include in their offer letter. Human resources representatives are responsible to include relevant information regarding the organization. The cost to company amount, gross salary, in hand salary amount and duration of the probation…


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5 Ways Employee Handbook Software Are Proving To Be Useful In This Pandemic

The pandemic has made the world realise that workspaces were not made to work with rigorous and non-flexible policies. From remote working and flexible hours to digital communication and new work-life balance,…


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5 Tips To Zero Down The Best HR Software For Your Business

Complete productivity cannot be acquired if employers fail to understand the difference between crucial and menial operations. Smart work is important and much more useful than wasting days/weeks working on tedious tasks that can be simply automated. 

Every HR manager is expected to put his/her best foot forward. But, let’s accept the fact that efficiency…


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Top 3 Reasons Every Startup Requires HRMS Software

From multitasking employees to long working hours, everything is extremely rigorous and unique in a startup. Amid all this chaos, there’s always one person who wears numerous hats on a daily basis. In fact, he or she even manages tasks that have nothing to do with the person’s actual profile. This, in essence, is the result of insufficient resources, capital, and revenue. Let’s face it, this is the story of every…


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The ABC of an Employee’s Salary Slip

Talk about the heaps of paperwork and documentation that you need to perform and procure as a working professional! Sounds hectic and complicated, right? But, out of the gamut of papers that one needs to secure including different letters, certificates, receipts and other documents, payslip is one of the most essential records. Why? Because it gives you a…


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Here’s How You Can Deal With The Incompetent Employees

Maintaining consistent performance throughout the entire employment span is impossible for anyone. There are various ups and downs in the productivity and show of every working professional. What is not acceptable is to constantly keep the workforce under scrutiny for the dissatisfactory reports and completely ignore the organization’s shortcomings. It is always easy to blame an employee for the degrading performance or lowering…


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5 Times When Candidates Misunderstand The Offer Letter

Congratulations! You have found the ideal candidate for the vacant position in your organization. Would you let them go because of a silly mistake that you made in the offer letter? No, right? With the growing chances of job seekers being quite picky, it’s time to be extra cautious while creating an offer letter format and issuing it. 

Let us have a quick look at some of the scenarios when candidates misunderstand an offer…


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