Logistics professionals manage all facets of the organization’s supply chain. By analyzing systems and processes, developing and implementing best practices, and coordinating the flow of tangible and intangible resources, logisticians ensure effective and efficient supply chain performance. These professionals manage all stages of the product lifecycle and oversee the acquisition, distribution, allocation, and delivery of products. Due to the range of responsibilities and often highly specialized job functions, practical and educational experience vary widely for logisticians. As a result, sourcing talent in the logistics field poses a number of challenges for organizations. At Search Solution Group (SSG), our logistics recruiting team knows how to identify and vet logistics candidates as well as foresee and overcome all potential challenges.

The demand for logistics professionals increases year after year which in turn attracts more new entrants to the field. Often seasoned managers and supervisors with years of experience in other fields transition to logistics positions. Professionals from engineering, robotics and data analytics frequently migrate to logistics roles in organizations, and a growing trend is for professionals from marketing, finance, and human resources to shift to these positions as well. This trend creates a number of challenges when recruiting for logistics positions. It’s critical for candidates to have relevant experience and an applicable skill set for the role. SSG recruiters are highly trained to investigate candidates’ backgrounds and match experience, even if not directly related to logistics, with the demands of the logistics positions.

In the video below, Aaron Curley, Senior Director of Training & Process Improvement, discusses  recruiting for logistics:

Unlike other recruiting firms, SSG recruiters build relationships with both candidates and clients. Our recruiters cultivate strong connections with candidates to better understand their strengths and what they have to offer potential employers. We take the time to create a detailed profile of each candidate’s experience and background, and our team understands that many logistics professionals are hands-on and tactical by nature while at the same time work with a very strategic mindset. With this in-depth knowledge, our recruiters find the best fit for clients. Throughout the process, our recruiters truly enjoy working with logistics professionals and have fun developing relationships. As an additional advantage, our relationship with professionals in the logistics field ensures our team is up-to-date on all trends and developments in the industry.

The logistician’s primary role is to ensure that supply chain operations function efficiently. However, logistic professionals often wear multiple hats in the organization which often requires a distinct skill set to effectively perform the role. The logistics recruiting team at SSG are experts at sourcing talent, vetting candidates and connecting only the best-fit prospective hires with hiring managers.