Recruitment for Manufacturing Professionals

Recruiting for manufacturing has become increasingly difficult as low unemployment and the rifting skill gap have made finding a qualified candidate in an intensively-demanding industry harder.

The Manufacturing Workforce

The 4% unemployment rate has affected the hiring processes of businesses across all industries, but no industry has been as disrupted as manufacturing. The workforce demand dwarfs the available manufacturing talent. There are 3.5 million openings in the manufacturing industry, and only 1.5 million qualified workers to fill those roles well. This stark divide between supply and demand of workers is in part caused by the retiring generation of baby boomers. According to, 10,000 baby boomers retire each day, leaving unfillable holes in the manufacturing workforce. With workforces lacking necessary skilled manpower, there is a substantial cost associated with deficient means of hiring. The cost of vacancies in a productivity-driven industry like manufacturing will leave a distinct impact on the industry and third-parties who depend on them.

Finding Manufacturing Talent

Blue-collar workers may now be more scarce than their white-collar counterparts, but the ever-growing skill gap present in the industry threatens the current manufacturing workforce. Recruiting for manufacturing has become complex as the field requires a depth of knowledge on a multitude of facets. An operative manufacturing hire must understand risk management, programming skills, process improvement methodologies, employ effective means of training, and how to effectively lead in the workplace to create a safe, well-functioning process. As roles become more specific, additional depths of knowledge become additive. According to Deloitte, “digital talent, skilled production, and operational managers may be three times as difficult to fill in the next three years.” due to the technological disruption in the manufacturing industry and the quickly-retiring workforce, recruiting the right manufacturing professional is essential.

Recruitment for Manufacturing

Manufacturing recruiters at Search Solution Group headhunt to deliver the most effective hire. Headhunting in the manufacturing industry ensures the sourcing of skilled professionals able to help mend the skill gap and fit the prerequisites of the role. Due to the sheer amount of skills needed and lack of available talent, it’s more likely to find a competent hire already working in the industry than through job boards. Specialized manufacturing recruiters at Search Solution Group are knowledgeable of the industry and work to recruit for manufacturing specifically out of ability.

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