Recruitment Strategy for a Chief Human Resources Officer: Report 2018

A lot of top human resources professionals, CHROs, and managers were asked as to what recruitment hassles they face, what their talent acquisition strategy is in the face of a fierce competition, and what works/doesn’t work for them.

Here are the key points essential for a chief human resource officer to know and plan about:   

  • Content Marketing for Recruitment: It depends on a chief of human resources of an organization to devise and execute a content marketing strategy for recruitment. The more you publish great content at the career site of your own company, the greater is the quality of candidates received. It often seems like candidates need you but that’s only half the truth. Candidates need you as much as you need them.
  • Talent Acquisition Crisis for Health and Social Care Industries: Social care and health industries are suffering massively with the shortage of talented individuals. The recruitment marketing for an incumbent chief human resources officer in such sectors will be to look at professional networking sites and platforms which can be a good alternative apart from career site of the company.
  • Only 50% Market Vacancies to Already Available Database of Candidates: A chief of human resources management always point to his/her candidate database as the best source of the quality and number of candidates. As per the report of the previous year, this year is expected to be the same. But, it’s sad only 50% of CHROs consider checking and marketing to their own database lying in the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) or E-recruitment CRM (Customer Relationship Management).    
  • Job Boards Aren’t Providing Expected Results: Job boards such as generalist and specialist ones are used for hiring candidates, but opposite to beliefs- job boards give mixed results on the quality and quantity of candidates available with their database. The reality is less impressive than what is stated and made to believe. Professional networking sites seem to offer the best results for a great talent acquisition.
  • Employee Reference Provides the Best Candidate Quality: No matter the kind of organizations- big or small or medium, employee referrals are the best option for quality candidates. It’s another point to note that companies receive a huge number of employee references but one thing’s sure- the quality.
  • Company’s Own Career Sites doesn’t Garner much Response: To generate an excellent level of the number and quality of candidate databases, a chief of human resources can’t rely on career sites. Posting jobs on company’s career site works only for the largest corporations and international organizations. But, that doesn’t mean content marketing strategy for recruitment for career site of the company has to be stopped. In the meantime, professional networking sites are a great option.

As a CHRO of a company or a human resource professional reading this, do you relate with these points? Do you also face problems with getting good candidates for available positions at your company? And, if yes, what do you do about them?       

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