The social media ‘tsunami’ has hit the Australian recruitment industry’s shores. Of late, I’ve noticed a significant increase in status updates, wall postings and tweets. Blogs have crept into mainstream recruitment and featured prominently on company websites. Once bland, recruiting websites have now upgraded to an interactive nature with content changing almost daily boosting it’s SEO.

Social media is here to stay just like the advent of email, which changed the way we communicate and do business. Can you imagine anyone today without an email account? This rush to network, connect and reach out has however made a few trade tools on our desk virtually (pun intended) extinct.

1. The phone - How many hours do recruiters spend ‘connecting’ compared to hours per day on the phone speaking to clients and candidates? The results would be shocking to say the least. The ‘buzz’ in a recruitment office has been replaced by a ‘tap tap tappity tap’

2. Rolodex - Contact management systems have pushed the Rolodex to the edge of the table. I’ve come across consultants not knowing what to do when the system’s down! “Try dusting your Rolodex and picking up the phone”

3. Business cards - Wonder why we even bother exchanging business cards these days, when a Google search of anyone’s name brings up a wealth of information. However, does it give you valuable info gathered and scribbled on the back of every card, be it a favourite coffee, sport or names of their children?

4. Shoes - Yes, I’m referring to the good ol’ comfortable pair of shoes that had to be replaced every 6 months due to the number of client visits. Remember, a contact ‘liking’ your wall post or commenting on your online status does not equal the power of a client visit.

5. Invoices – Obvious isn’t it? Few client visits mean next to nothing in terms of travel invoices submitted. When was the last time you signed off or noticed transport stubs and petrol receipts attached.

A Social media presence is extremely important and make no mistake, I’m all for it. However embracing it does not mean forgetting your tools of trade, cause once that happens; recruitment consultants turn into keyboard consultants.

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Comment by Heidi on January 28, 2011 at 10:32am
Will the real recruiters please stand up!!! This is a great article and reminds me of the importance of having a solid foundation.
Comment by Alban on January 30, 2011 at 5:29pm
Thank you Heidi, good to know you found the blog interesting.


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