Reinventing & Rediscovering my #TalentAcquisition Mojo - Of #SourceConDFW, Dancing and Gates

April 12th, 2023 has come to an end. It was also the first real #InPerson #SourceCon I've been to in 4 years. 2019 was the last time I had the privilege to speak in Seattle with the topic "Go Where You've Never Been" - you see SourceCon is A GREAT In Person event. It's solid online don't get me wrong but it's just not the same experience. I snapped this picture tonight at the SourceCon Hackathon. Imagine channeling your inner purple? What could be better? There's a reason we are fond of purple squirrels here. I'd forgotten what is was like to be able to find REAL WORLD solutions to issues that are commonly faced by ALL Recruiting professionals. I'd forgotten just how powerful a community of shared experiences within one's profession can truly be.

I'd forgotten what it was like to rediscover how much I absolutely love my profession on such a scale and level to reignite every part of my craft from the way I engage candidates, the way I communicate to hiring managers, the way I execute on Talent Acquisition obligations to another level of engagement. I'd forgotten just how much the Sourcing and Talent Acquisition sense of community in-person feeding off ideas, sensing new ways to find, engage, and even overcome the present challenges of our existing economic times would be. Talking with amazing young Talent Acquisition talent who is upcoming in the industry and seeing them rise to their own potential, sparks a rediscovery of what it was to be young in my profession and to recapture the same sense of enthusiasm that exists within me.

It all began earlier this year, when I joined the Source and Recruit Company. To find a passionate entrepreneur in my new Leader Matt Burzon, and to find and land in a new team of bright and enthusiastic colleagues I knew 2023 would be special. It's a year that's opening new vistas, and new opportunities all because I took a risk. In mid 2021 to come be a part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints' Talent Acquisition dept - yes even a Faith group has an operation like that. Rediscovering a part of myself that's been always there - but just had to see it from a new angle. Isn't that the point though if you want to get even more solid? Isn't that the point when you get to your desired level of success?

I found myself rediscovering my purpose in my journey - that my move from ADP in August 2021 for growth, to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and then a change in 2023 to the Source and Recruit Company was all validated. Now it appears I am starting to make the rounds on the conference circuit. It is likely I will get an invitation to speak in the Fall 2023 SourceCon Conference, and further more opportunities to find and grow my confidence and connect with like professionals. It was as I was hanging out with amazing Talent Acquisition professionals whose forward thinking ideas were inspiring me again, and rediscovering the remarkable reality that all of these amazing folks "have my back." Yes in my latest job search it was #SourceCon that stepped forward and rekindled yet again the passion for why I do what I do. Talent Acquisition is part of my soul. I will never escape that fact. It was also Talent Acquisition when I lost my mother in 2022 that embraced me and gave me hope to keep fighting forward.

Tonight after an inspiring day with amazing food, and attending the hackathon I found myself loving every moment and learning some lessons that were important - indeed to not "overthink" the answers to questions, in the hackathon we had some remarkable finding steps as we were quizzed on sourcing puzzles that in the end made me smile when I saw the "answer right in front of me", to the moment when I solved a puzzle and moved on. I found myself in several remarkable conversations today, sharing knowledge and gaining knowledge. Truly, that is the spirit of the Sourcing and Talent Acquisition community! When the Editor of SourceCon Megan Whittington told me her story about Twitter, and the events that transpired there, or having a conversation with Ninh Tran an old friend of mine, or reconnecting with amazing legends Steve Levy and Dean DaCosta, and making new friends along the way I suddenly realized my "why" again.

While sitting with the SourceCon Crew and attendees sharing war stories, and discussing our personal lives, I found a love of my TA Community again. To bring a new day of reinvention to my career I think I'm at that point where it makes sense to drive harder, with more courage and faith, and make great outcomes come to pass again, and again, and again. The fact I can learn from a young sourcer, and from an experienced TA Professional alike, that's special. You see while watching attendees get up and dance, and do a Hokey Pokey style getting to know you event after a full day of conference, I found myself laughing, and letting my hair down a bit. Yes this crew does that for me.

And now with invitations on the horizon to speak at other TA events, rediscover my mojo, and ramp up efforts to bring in business for my new company I feel empowered. I suppose it was almost poetic when I got back to my AIRBNB and the lock that I needed to type in a code for wasn't working and my AIRBNB host let me back in. You see it was a bit of a metaphor to me: a gate must be opened by others we depend on to hold up their end of the bargain, but what's more sometimes the very people who have your back throughout your career are the very people you can return to time and time and time again, who will help you go forward with confidence, poise, and renewal.

Today was a fulfilling day. Today I bleed a little more #purple. Today I had another gate open to a new career chapter in 2023. Let's see where this goes. Thank you friends, colleagues and SourceCon community. You give me great hope for the future. And I am excited to keep giving back, because at the end of the day - giving back is what Thought Leadership is all about. And that's what builds credence and success for the road ahead. I still have one more day but I don't want it to end........#WheresyourNext

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