The demand for data experts is expected to grow by at least 19 percent in 2026.

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According to a report from the International Data Corporation (IDC), the global big data and business analytics market is expanding at a quick clip over the last few years, leaping from US$122 billion in global revenue in 2015 to US$189 billion in 2019 and driving towards a projected US$274 billion for 2022.

Several firms today have understood the value of a data-driven business strategy. As firms store and assess a huge amount of data online, they require people who can take care of managing, organizing, and assessing the data. Many companies are hiring data science and big data analytics professionals to meet their data requirements. A big data analyst requires specific skills, tools to excel in their positions.

If one is just starting their career and wondering what things one must be aware of to land up in a top position in the field of data analytics. Then doing a big data analyst certification is the perfect way to enhance one’s skills.

The job role of a big data analyst

A data analyst is an individual who applies their excellent skills to retrieve, organize and analyze data and report insights to help the business to improve production, efficiency and offer the best results to the stakeholders in the form of updated systems, procedures, or protocols. Globally several industries take the help of big data analytics certification online to get better results and also to understand customer requirements employee. 

·         Roles and responsibilities for big data analysts are:

  • Gathering information, designing, and maintaining the data systems and databases.
  • Summarizing patterns which will be crucial for predictive analytics.
  • Creating reports which will effectively communicate trends and predictions with help of relevant data.
  • Developing custom solutions for process enhancements, system modifications, and building policies for data governance.
  • Collaborating with stakeholders to identify several opportunities, which affect the firm and the overall industry.
  • Defining datasets and do an extensive demographical analysis to determine business and product-related strategies.

As one can see, the job of a data analyst has tremendous application and is thus the more diverse adoption in several industries. Next in line are big data job opportunities that are highly complicated and require advanced skills. Sometimes, a big data analyst certification is mandatory to get a big data analyst job.

At the top lie data science jobs. These have a diverse set of profiles under them and require specific expertise. A data analyst certification is mandatory to get an amazing job opportunity.

Cities that pay the highest salaries for data analysts in the USA

Apart from experience, another crucial aspect that plays an key role in determining the salary of data science and big data analytics is where they are based i.e., the location affects highly.

According to Indeed, the average data analyst salary in the US is approximately US$70,684 per year and these salaries are also dependent on multiple factors like experience, industries, location, company, skill.

Following are the cities and the average salaries per annum one can earn in the USA.

City and State

Average salaries per year

San Francisco, California


Plano, Texas


Minneapolis, Minnesota

$104, 527

New York, New York


Los Angeles, California


Austin, Texas


Chicago, Illinois


Atlanta, Georgia

$79, 513

Data analyst salary in the US

Every employee needs and expects a little income for the work they did. So one must know what data science and big data analytics are and what it takes to be a data analyst, let’s get into the juicy part, the salary of the data analyst in the US.

Data analyst salary in the US by experience

Experience is a very essential factor when it comes to salary in every field out there in the world. If one is just beginning their career as a data analyst, at the entry-level they can expect around US$66,994. A midcareer data analyst with 3-5 years of experience would take around US$74,860. An experienced data analyst with 10+ years of experience would be around US$83,673.

Data analyst salary in the US by companies

Since data analysts are becoming part of each growing industry, there has been a massive potential in earnings but salary differs from one firm to other. So, here’s the list of top-most firms with better incomes for data analysts in the US. The average data analyst salary in the US is:

  1. Target — US$ 132,579 / year
  2. Facebook — US$ 130,137 / year
  3. Pacific Gas and Electric Company — US$ 129,648 / year
  4. Citizens — US$ 121,328 / year
  5. Move Inc — US$ 116,665 / year
  6. USAA — US$ 111,217 / year

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