Carmine Gallo, the author who documented the success of Apple and Steve Jobs over 3 books, developed seven key business tips which contributed to Apple’s achievements.  

1. Passion

“Do what you love.” Passion is vital in committing to any goal, and especially within a business. Passion is what keeps you focused, determined and motivated. In hiring passionate people, and by embodying passion in management, building a powerful workforce is simple. Its central to any business, without it, everyone would fold to challenge.

2. Storytelling

Steve Jobs broke the global romance of the P.C. with storytelling and an apple. Jobs made mundane presentations into careful performances. An eloquently presented vision convinced millions. Vision is flammable, conveying vision is the spark.

3. Morality

Jobs believed that in pursuing not only your passion but a passion that was moral. Famously when Jobs said “ “Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life or do you want to come with me and change the world?” to John Sculley to convert him from PepsiCo to Apple. Appealing to the morality in Sculley is what ultimately won him over to joining Apple.

4. Simplification

Significance is most easily derived from the simplistic. Simplification in speech, advertising, and product made the message of Apple more significant. Apple famously hosts a narrow product line to focus on the products with the most potential. Making the brand and the purpose of the company easy to understand.

5. Creativity

The world viewed Jobs as a man made of Creativity. However, he often admitted that creativity is rarely internal. Without inspiration and awareness of the external, creative efforts lack impact. Apple, for example, was inspired by the Ritz Carlton. The standards, process, and even naming conventions of Apple allude to this. Apple sales representatives are called concierges, phones sit on shelves like liquor in a hotel bar. The point is: ideas come from inspiration, the hard part is turning the idea into an impactful effort.

6. Charisma

The Charisma of Apple and its salesforce is what keeps customers coming back. Job’s philosophy on sales was to hire for personality over technical experience. It’s nearly impossible to teach charisma, but far easier to teach sales techniques. This talented salesforce creates a great customer experience and keeps customers coming back.

7. Purpose

The target market doesn’t care about your company. Even Apple, as loved Apple is today, initially and for a substantial amount of time, it lacked effective brand efficacy. Simply, people care only for their own hope and dreams. Modern Apple sells a way for people to reach their dreams, buying the trust of their target market. “Find a way to actualize the dreams of your consumers and they will fall in love with you.”

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