Are you looking at attracting the top talent?

            What strategies are you using to hire the best fit?

            How can you get potential candidates from your passive database?


If you do not market yourself properly as an employer, then you will see that your top talent will get attracted to your competitor. Nowadays, the current marketplace is exceptionally competitive, and still, the primary fight is to attract the potential candidate.


One mistake in planning and implementation can cost you a fortune. I am writing about several strategies to attract the potential candidate, which are more likely to prove cost-effective than traditional recruitment process.


Let's pen down and illustrate the points on how to target passive candidates and have a robust recruitment plan in hand to widen the candidate search.


  1. Involving Candidates Online: Connecting with passive candidates through social media is not a hard task. Find out your passive candidates who are following you online. Interact with passive candidates by sharing blogs, retweeting your content, etc. You can keep in touch with them with these interactions. Creating an online passive candidate community will also be fruitful so that you can discuss the openings and requirement. In this era of AI, the chatbot is the best solution for the recruiters to whom candidates can ask relevant questions. Encourage them for feedback by solving the queries of the applicant, which will demonstrate that your company is committed to educating the applicant.


  1. Clarity on the Job Description: You can use a Job Description to attract passive talent for the open position. A well-written job description will attract the relevant and qualified pool. The foremost step in hiring is to provide clarity on JD (Job Description) because an unclear JD will bring a wrong applicant. Before writing the JD, you should be clear what you are looking for? Without much information about the job description, you may have to face high employee turnover rates. As a result, the actual cost of an employee of your company can be unusually large. A well-written job description includes all the information about your business's working environment, along with your roles and responsibilities.


  1. Use of Social Media: Do you know that social media is very effective in finding potential talent from your passive resume database? As candidates are active on social media, they share their latest information on these platforms.


             Can I show several software services available which can get you updated information of applicants?


             Sounds intriguing?

             HR technology applications which are available in the marketplace can extract the applicants’ updated information from their social profiles. These will help the recruiter to understand candidate behavior, background check, etc. Utilizing these channels will increase the productivity and efficiency of recruiters and will lead towards getting the right fit. Enrichment marketplace is a beautiful way to get connected to a passive job seeker in a go. Inactive resumes can become an excellent platform for new opportunities.


  1. Employee Referral: Employee referral is becoming quite a buzzword in the working world for a good reason. This program encourages current employees to work towards the betterment of the organization. Happy and engaged employees will be motivated to introduce quality candidates for a job opening. They will ensure that the right candidate joins the organization. Understanding the strength and weakness of their referrals, recruiters know that the referral applicant is generally mentored through all the hiring process, as the current employee has probably advised putting their best foot forward.


  1. Hiring for Long-Term: One of the best recruiting strategies is designed for long-term results. Hiring for a short time will put limitations on your talent pool as well as will lower the quality of hire. Whereas hiring the right talent for the long term will help to create a strong company brand. There might be a few officially unavailable job positions. You can fill these quickly if you keep on nurturing your passive talent.


            Also, you will have a few unplanned job positions which can come up at any moment, but keeping a long-term vision will broaden your candidate search and offer amazing opportunities to explore. Take ample time to strategize your recruitment process and hire candidates you feel will contribute and stay with you for a good number of years.


  1. Diverse Hiring: You might have heard a lot about this concept. It is a debatable topic these days. You can call it a game-changer in the recruitment world. Most of the companies are convinced that diversity will add value to their organization. If diversity is your focus, check your passive talent pool for the right fit.


You are promoting your brand in such a way that it seems to be an excellent opportunity for passive talent, which they can't afford to miss-selling yourself as a brand to attract the capable applicant to work for you. You must be smart and cautious to recruit them.

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Comment by Dillon Chen on August 28, 2019 at 10:57am

Very important! Recruiting great talent is vital to every company, but it is a competitive market. I like the "Hiring for the long-term". Invest in employees and they will stay

Comment by Rchilli Parser on August 29, 2019 at 2:09am

Thanks for your opinion. Hiring the right talent for the long term will help to create a strong company brand. 


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