“We would like to welcome iAm deGuru from Social Media Really Inc., to The Let’s Talk Social Media Radio Show; and to all my current and new Listeners tuning in on the web from around the world I am your friendly host AllEars Willspeak ... Daammn do we have a show for you today ... Our lines are lit up and folks, we are ready to get it onnnn ... So iAm this is your first time on our show and we are glad to have you– I am really impressed with your courage to come on. The temperature can get pretty hot to unbearable sometimes so I hope you’re up for it. Based on the little info we have – looks like you guys have been around for a short time trying to create a little notch in the market. Care to expand on how it’s going -give us a little info on Social Media Really Inc.”

iAm deGuru, responds, “Thanks for having me on, we are starting to make some inroads in a number of markets in particular we are working with a number of Clients with respect to how they are communicating their messages online.”

AllEars Willspeak chimes in ...” So what kind of Clients are you working with ...?”

iAm deGuru replies “You know AllEars, we are working with mid size Ad Agencies, Food Companies, Pharmaceuticals and in the last year we have Recruiting Companies added to the mix ..., a crazy bunch.”

AllEars Willspeak interrupts ...” A crazy bunch what do you mean ...?”

IAm deGuru clears his voice ... “Look these guys want results yesterday – when we tell them that they need to invest time and build a strategy where they can have measured results they laugh at me -And start talking to me about bloody Qualified Candidates ... the only measured results they go by ...”

AllEars Willspeak chirps in, “ Yes, but Cmon iAm – you have to realize that they really do measure their results by qualified candidates - heck that’s their currency for Chris Sakes.”

iAm deGuru Jumps in “Look I get that –and all we are trying to do is give them additional tools to work with for example Twitter ... Let’s look at ... “

AllEars Willspeak butts in ... “Yea Twitter... Twitchat ... Tweetsssss ... Sweets... Cmonnn, TWITTERrrrrr ! He shouts ... Now we’re getting somewhere, but we got to pay the bills folks - we will be right back after this commercial break with our guest iAm deGuru ...

After 2 minutes and 30 Seconds of Commercials ... AllEars Willspeak pops back; “ Its nine twenty pm Eastern Standard time on a Thursss dayyy night and you’re tuned in to The Let's Talk Social Media Radio Show. We’re liveeee..., with my guest, iAm deGuru CEO of Social Media Really Inc. Don’t forget, you can call us toll free folks at 1800-2-SOCIAL - if you’re driving and want to call in, please pull over- don’t talk and drive unless you got that fancy Bluetooth gadget - and we are on Twitter – hit us up at, I mean, follow us at, at sign 2socialradio and check out our Fan Page on Facebook. Check out the guest we got lined up on the website 2scocialradio.com... Where were we iAm, oh yea TWITTER ...”

iAm deGuru takes a deep breath .. “AllEars we invited a group of Recruiting Companies to look at how we could use Twitter effectively to drive potential candidates back to their websites through use of effective useful content that not only talked about the Jobs Opportunities they had available but content that provided job searching or interviewing articles tips and so on ... We showed them how they could measure that traffic and ... ``

AllEars Willspeak interrupts. "Let’s hit some phone lines... Phil from Orlando Florida you’re on air. Go ahead Phil ... “

Phil speaks “ Hi Guys, I love your show AllEars ..."

AllEars Willspeak squibs ... “ What’s your question Phil? We don’t have all night. ”

Phil speaks “I have a small Recruiting Company and I don’t have time to write blogs and articles much less the money to build a SEO Strategy to Optimize my sight. Heck I only have 8 hours a day. Where would I start iAm?”

AllEars Willspeak jumps back after cutting off Phil ... “ Great question Phil ... Where would a business like that start iAm ...? “

iAm deGuru joins in after taking a sip of his coffee “ That is a great question Phil – I think we need to first decide on what we want to achieve with Social Media. From there we devise a strategy ... You know a game plan in phases ... This allows us to ... “

AllEars Willspeak interrupts the flow again... “ This sounds good, let’s take another caller Max from Manhattan, you’re up, go for it, what’s your question ....?”

Max chimes in ...” I am on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, I still don’t know why folks use Twitter and Facebook a bunch of kids surfing and chatting can’t help me or my business as a Recruiter... “

iAm deGuru blurts in ...”Well Max you need to understand what these mediums do before you can fully utili...”

Max jumps in ...” Utilize what ... You’re kidding right ...? ”

AllEars Willspeak cuts Max off ...”Thanks Max ... Don’t forget we are on Twitter, Facebook and we got a surprise coming up in a few weeks for you Youtube lovers ... Next week we’re gonna talk about mobile proximity marketing with iTextu Inc., We’ll cover Yelp, Fourquare, Time Square - and do ya really want to get that Ad Text hitting your smart phone when you go shopping or while eating your Steak with the Wife or Girlfriend... We’ll be right back after these commercial messages ...

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Comment by Sandra McCartt on December 5, 2010 at 7:00pm
Dear AllEars,
You are not only as clever as they come, this is hilarious and pretty much says it all.

Timetube from Texas will tune in next week.
Comment by Paul Alfred on December 5, 2010 at 9:39pm
Thanks Sandra ... I am glad you liked my little spin...


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